Your Local and Interstate Removalist

Get the Best Value for Your Money with Your Local and Interstate Removalist      Time is gold and this maxim is just as true in the moving industry. When you pay by the minute, every second does count.      Ask for their lowest rates of the week   Take advantage of low rates and avoid peak moving days. Removalist companies offer these discounted rates during specific days of the week to encourage clients to move on their lean days. While discounted days differ from one removalist company to another, the key is to ask them instead of waiting them to offer the rate.      Give an accurate inventory   Much of the success of your move relies on an accurate accounting of the items to be moved. Be as straightforward as you can and do not attempt to leave out things in your list. If you omit whether purposely or accidently a single item, you may jeopardize your entire move.      The assigned manpower for you will not be enough, the truck sent will be the wrong size and the cost quoted to you will be inaccurate. Be as exhaustive as you can when detailing your possessions to your removalist.      Allocate Access points   The shorter and the easier the route from your home, office or pick up area for your possessions, the faster and the cheaper your move will be. For example, reserving an adequate parking slot for the truck that is as close as possible will reduce the time and distance needed for your removalist to move back and forth from your property.      Access points you need to consider are elevators, stairways and parking space. Access points are crucial for the move and arranging one for your removalist will be a win-win solution. Inform your removalist in advance if you have access point concerns.      Get professional packing   Do it yourself (DIYs) packing seem to be a good, cheap and fun idea at the start but down the line, it may prove to a bad, expensive and stressful task. The safety of your possessions is the top concern of your removalists and they will go to great lengths to ensure a smooth move. When they see that your DIY packing is not up to standard, they may repack the item themselves.      Repacking takes a lot of time, not only will it waste the effort you did but also consume more time and incur cost. Do not risk your possessions, money and time on DIY packing, get professionals who can do it in the right way, at the right time with the right materials.      Select all-in-one solutions   Good companies will have excellent moving services but great removalist companies will have a wide range of solutions that can make your move even easier. Depending on your need, a move can be just one piece of a larger whole.      From valet packers, local or interstate moves, storage, utility reconnection to even vacate or move out cleaning, find and select a removalist company that can offer these services for an even smoother and seamless moving experience.      Choose Citymove   If you are looking for a removalist company then choose Citymove! From price match guarantees, AFRA accreditation, sterling reputation, complete solutions, flexible customisation and dedicated customer service hotlines, Citymove ticks all boxes and more!      Citymove has been moving people every day for over 10 years. They are professionals who move with care. Citymove has developed a foolproof system that makes moving easy for you.  Citymove knows that moving is a big deal and they want to make it as simple and stress free as possible.      CItymove has been tweaking, taking feedback and really listening to customers to find out what they want and need for moves. Today, Citymove is proud to say that they are not only trusted by their customers but also recommended.