Working Method of Magnetic Powder core?

The powder cores has assigned air gap cores, which is mainly carried power inductor application especially the SMPS output filter is called one of the DC inductors also combined Magnetic powder core  with differential inductors, boost inductors flyback transformers and buck inductors. Magnetic powder core has following lot of significant factors such as , high resistivity, low hysteresis and eddy current losses. Furthermore, the inductance stability is acceptable in the AC and DC conditions. Different cores are available but its size may be varied so he cores has been differentiate in the height levels. The cavities are combined with the core height levels due to the dies may occur. These types of magnetic powder cores are not forced with an organic binder so it has don’t shown the thermal aging effects, handle with powder iron cores. During all six material may applied in power application but every material has individual advantages. The first material of MPP has used for lowest core loss, which means magnetic mollypermalloy powder cores and this may apt for flyback transformer, buckboost transformer. The assigned air gap of MPP cores is hide stray magnetic field and removes gap loss errors comprised with gapped ferrite cores.

The DC bias dominated design has small core size are carrying high flux material since it used the high flux capacity. This also apt for energy storage filter inductors carry in SMPS. This type of powder cores are fixed size and cost reduction may applied when the inductors has carry huge amount of DC and it have very less residual flux density.

The XFLUX is applied for small and moderate range of inductors and chokes. The saturation level is high in the beneficent application whereas inductance has heavy loaded in UPS and power factor correction boost.

Another material is kool mu is reasonable price and it has exhibit the lower losses and primarily good thermal properties when related with powered iron cores. The kool mu is significant use when the high flux  Transformers machinedensity and low core losses in power factor correction circuits same as unidirectional drive application like pulse transformer and flyback transformer.

The next material of 75 series cores performing better than the koolmu cores when preserve the lower core losses than Xflux and it contains with iron, aluminum and silicon. It providing lower cost alternative to high flux and grand enhancement in core loss.

Finally, the amoflux cores is unique powder is compound with assigned gap material that is conceptual for PFC and output chokes. The amorphous ribbon has convert into powder, which is amoflux cores is having similar attribution, with soft saturation.   This amoflux core is primary choice for computer, server and industrial power units, which may involve in PFC or output chokes.


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