Wonderful Fair and Festivals of Gujarat

Gujarat state is famed as the colors of India. It consist some attractions such as marvelous archaeological sites, fabulous Hindu, Jain, and Muslim architecture, beautiful crafts, and superb wildlife including the Asiatic lions. This state is also fabulous for its colorful fairs and festivals.

Here are given some beautiful fairs and festivals of Gujarat by Gujarat tour packages, such as:

Somnath Mahadeo Fair:

This beautiful fair is celebrated the birth of Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva. There are you can see the various features stage-shows, instrumental music, and folk dances in the picturesque area of Somnath’s coast temple that is also one of the most Jyotirling in the Shivas twelve Jyotirling.

Modhera Dance Festival:

The Modhera Dance Festival that is also fabulous as the Uttarardh Mahotsava Modhera Utsav. It is one of the best fabulous celebrations of art, dance, music, and culture. Special three day of Modhera Dance Festival is organized every year throughout the third weekend of January at the Modhera Sun Temple, after the celebration of Uttarayan.

Tarnetar Mahadev Fair:

This fair is one of the best India’s picturesque historical events. It is a traditional fair such as Pushkar in Rajasthan that captured the awareness of tourists. This fair is held in Tarnetar village, i.e. 39 km far away from Chotila in Surendranagar District in Gujarat. It is fabulous as the name of Trinetreshwar Mahadev Mela.

Kutch Mahotsava:

This fabulous festival is held by Gujarat’s tourism authorities to establish tourism in Kutch. It consists some features like folk dance, poetry, music ballads, jewelry, and regional handicrafts. This fair conflicts with Dhrang Mela, a Shivratri Fair that is close by the temple, with acrobatics, bullock cart races, camel, rituals, cultural shows, and bazaars.

Navratri Dance Festival:

The Navratri Dance Festival is more fabulous in Gujarat. It celebrates till the nine nights. It is also captivating the tourist attraction from villages and small towns to big cities such as Ahmedabad, Surat, and Baroda. The festival is celebrated with Dandia Ras folk dances and colorful Garba, ritual fasting and feasting. This festival ends with Dussehra when the statue of Raavan is scalded to celebrate the triumph of Lord Rama.

Kite Flying Festival:

It is one of the best celebrations in Gujarat. This festival is organized on January 14th every year, to conflicts with the celebration of Uttarayan or Makar Sakranti. This festival is the symbol of the ends of the winter. In Gujarat, Makar Sakranti festival is celebrated as the kite flying day. The Kite Flying day in Gujarat is marvelous day, distinct at other places.

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