The language of fashion changes and evolves into new version with every season. Women’s fashion continues to hold its peak spot in 2017 also. Every season, new and latest trends come into to catch a glimpse. These trends continue to rock the year round with success. New styles of clothing, new accessories etc. attract existing as well as new customers. Likewise, all stores and outlets stock up apparels and accessories of the new and trending styles. For example, women’s clothing stores in Mohali exhibit hottest trends of the season to attract customers. From pastel shades to neon, polka dots to strips and checks – every single trend is a representative of the season’s fashion.

Certain styles have come up to be in trend such as –

  • Khaki – Khaki has been the recent spring trends of 2017. Designers are coming up with versatile looks and using this military trend in a different manner. Apparels with khaki color or material is a massive trend this season. Not only clothing but also shoes are inspired from this trend. Khaki jackets, jumpsuits, cargo pants etc are the recent buzz over the town. Moreover, baggy pants, slim pants etc. can be paired up with white or light colored tops. Branded clothing in Mohali has come up with various designs using the simple elegance of khaki.
  • Banker’s Stripes – Banker’s stripes are the perfect trends for working women who prefer to wear simple and smart outfits. Fresh styles and ideas with these designs are always on the go-with-everything.
  • Seaside Stripes – The summer trends this year are popping high with seaside stripes trend. Bright and catchy stripes styled up with palazzo or pencil skirts give the perfect summer cool look. Rainbow colors, vibrant looks and citrus skinny stripes are the key features of this fashion buzz. Whether it’s a seaside stripe top or pant, these styles are sure to bring out the fashionista in you.
  • Off Shoulder Top – Off shoulder tops paired up with blue denim gives the perfect casual look to a woman. It is an appropriate summer look and the look is completed with sunglass and bellies.
  • Shirt Dress – Although dresses continue to be in trend round the year, this year shirt dresses have pumped up to be in trend. These are comfortable wear during all seasons round the year.
  • Trench Coat – A trench coat completes the wardrobe of a woman. It is a casual fitted coat that can be worn over any dress or top. It gives a comfy look to the entire attire.


However, Broadway Retail is the only few examples of the recent trends that came up in 2017 in the women’s fashion category. Summer and spring styles continue to hold the market while winter fashion also has its own impact. Spring fashion has the features of using vibrant yellow and orange colors while summer trends follow soothing white, off white and other light colors. Clothing store Chandigarh pulls these latest trends in women’s fashion round the year so as attract new customers.

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