Wildlife Galore in Malaysia

Malaysia falls under the Malay Archipelago group of islands that also includes Indonesia and the Philippines. The appealing cities of Malaysia along with the lush green jungles in its islands make this a country to visit. While the cities are great shopping centres, the forests of Malaysia are home to the famed orang-utan, remote tribes and pristine landscapes.


Malaysia is regularly mentioned as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It is no wonder then that most travel agencies offer a wide range of Malaysia holiday packages for us to choose from. However, to pick the right package, you need to be sure of the places you’d like to visit in the country. Here’s our list of off-beat places that are worth a trip on your Malaysian holiday:



Located on the island of Borneo, Sarawak is the wildlife hub of Malaysia. Owing to the equatorial climate, the region has abundant tropical forests, and diverse animal species. You can spend some time exploring the numerous caves and national parks in Sarawak while on your holiday.


Malacca City

Visit the oldest Malaysian city in the south-east part of the country. The Malacca Sultanate Palace is a peach to the eye, built as a symbol of Malaysian culture and history. Also visit Chinatown, Little India and the Portuguese settlements to experience the diversity of Malaysia.



Go island hopping in the many beautiful Malaysian islands. The most notable islands are Langkawi, Penang, Redang, Perhentian, Sipadan and Tioman, each with a unique ecosystem.


National Zoo of Malaysia

Zoo Negara or the National Zoo of Malaysia is home to over 450 species of animals. Freshwater crocodiles, pig tailed macaques, black-headed ibis, Malaysian elephants and wallabies are the most visited attractions at the zoo.


Johor Bahru

Set foot on Johor Bahru, the gateway to Singapore. This little city can be found on the southernmost tip of the Malay Peninsula. The Royal Abu Bakar Museum is the main attraction here. It is one of the best shopping areas in Malaysia.


Of course a visit to Malaysia would be incomplete without a trip to Kuala Lampur to see the iconic Petronas Towers, once the tallest building in the world. No matter where you’re going in Malaysia, you’re sure to find a Malaysia tour package that will meet all your travel needs. If you’re ready to book your next Malaysian adventure, click here.

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