Why You Should Have Italian Dishes at Your Dinner Party

When people look to host a dinner party, they usually won’t go looking for the best pizza in Mumbai, but an authentic Italian restaurant will have a much wider menu than just ‘Pizza’. If you are hosting a dinner party, you must look for a restaurant that serves various dishes for different tastes, and that is why you must look for an authentic Italian restaurant. Since international cuisine is so popular in Mumbai, people will look for specialty restaurants. Italian cuisine is extremely popular in India, and you can find a number of restaurants offering the best Italian pizza in Mumbai. However, what about the rest of the fare?

Pizzas are popularized in India by American fast food brands like Dominos rather than their authentic roots in Italy. This is why people seldom recognize the right restaurant to serve them authentic pizza. The best pizza restaurants in Mumbai also serves authentic Italian delicacies like Pasta, Calamari or Risottos which add to the range of tastes and flavours you can explore. If you are hosting a dinner party serving Italian food, here are a few popular dishes you should consider as a part of the menu –

(a) Pesce Alla Griglia – Unless you are a vegetarian, when you’re trying out authentic Italian food, you must explore their range of fish preparations as a part of the menu. This particular dish is a grilled delicacy prepared with zucchini and potato sauce.

(b) Insalata Di Mare – Insalata is the Italian word for salad, and this may be prepared in a number of combinations to suit different tastes. The Insalata Di Mare is a popular seafood salad where prawns and squid make up most of the authentic flavour.

(c) Linguine Del Contadino – Linguine is a popular form of pasta that looks like noodles, but has a distinctive Mediterranean taste. It comes in many preparations, but the Linguine Del Contadino is a light and popular variety prepared with cherry tomatoes and chicken.

If you’re truly looking for the best pizza in Mumbai, remember that most of what we recognize as pizza is fast food, and not authentic Italian cuisine. Authentic Italian cuisine has much more to offer than just pizzas, and your dinner party can have a rather eclectic menu if you find the right restaurant. When you’re out looking for the best pizza restaurants in Mumbai, make sure that you explore the full range of Italian foods.

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