Why You Need To See That Steam Cleaning Carpets Is Never Enough

When carpet cleaning, also applicable to rug cleaning and upholstery, Calgary residents consider a couple of methods to give their investment some pampering. In this article, we would appreciate these options more, their advantages, and drawbacks.

#1 Steam Cleaning

Most people believe that it was the steam that sanitizes our carpets and upholstery. Cleaning happens as hot water activates the detergent applied to the fibers, which is later on extracted and dried up using a vacuum.

Steam cleaning carpets often leave detergent or carpet cleaner residue behind, which can affect anyone in the family who has allergic reactions or other respiratory conditions, such as asthma. Hence, homeowners need to make sure they’re using hypoallergenic products each and every time.

If you haven’t bought your own steam cleaner yet, you can always rent carpet cleaners.Calgary hardware and supermarkets offer these steam cleaners for rent. You may just have to check how your particular model works. Some may have to use hot water while others have a built-in heating function. These machines would need a cleaning solution to perform its task correctly, although you would have to make sure you follow instructions carefully and meticulously to avoid damage on your carpet. Area rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning should also be handled with care when using a steam cleaner.

One drawback of steam cleaning is that you would have to minimize or eliminate foot traffic for an entire day or so to allow the area to dry up. This task may be a hassle, so you have to schedule steam cleaning when there are fewer people around the house. You can also call professional carpet cleaning services to take care of a thorough clean for your beloved floors. Calgary carpet cleaning companies typically use a machine attached to a vehicle to get the job done, with more power, less or even no damage, and shorter drying times.

#2 Dry Cleaning

If you never seem to find a convenient time to do steam cleaning, especially around vacation season and holidays, you may opt for dry cleaning – although you would have to consult carpet experts on which dry chemical compounds, solvents, and application products to use. These powerful yet potentially harsh chemicals can be scattered and applied on the surface to be cleaned, and you can expect soil, dirt, and grime to break down in no time.

Although coined as dry cleaning, this method still uses a minimal amount of moisture (found in most application solutions) to do the job. You would find commercial space owners prefer this option due to virtually no wait time. After the carpet has been cleaned, it shouldn’t take hours before you gain access to the floors again.


While you can find a better preference between these two carpet cleaning options, remember that vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning are still recommended parts of your carpet maintenance and up keeping and shouldn’t be neglected just the same.

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