Why You Need to Get Yourself a Set of Elastic Shoe Laces

There has been a lot of excitement around elastic laces and for a reason. These things are heaven sent. Once you get a pair of elastic shoe laces you will not want to go back to the old boring kind of string laces. This is particularly so when you get the Hickies. This is one company that has devoted energy and time to producing premium quality laces for all its clients. If you are looking for cool lacing for your shoes, you can trust Hickies to provide the best options for your selection.

Buying shoe laces is not something that you will do on a daily basis. In fact you can go without ever buying laces in your life. People simply buy a pair of shoes and they use the laces they have for the rest of their lives. The only time when you might be forced to buy laces is when you lose them. Most recently, a common reason for buying laces is convenience. This is where Hickies comes in to save you the time.

Benefits of elastic shoe lacing

As above mentioned, there are many merits of getting yourself the elastic shoe laces and particularly so the ones from Hickies. Some of these benefits include:

1. Convenience

You can turn just about any kind of shoe into a slip on with elastic lacing. These laces stretch to allow your foot to slide into the shoe. You do not have to spend time readjusting the lace to wear the shoe or tightening it. If you want shoelaces that are convenient then you should go for the elastic option. You will totally save yourself time in wearing laced shoes.

2. No more tying

Let’s face it, even in adulthood, there are some individuals who do not know how to tie their shoe laces properly. It is a bit of a challenge but with elastic laces you will not even have to learn how to tie them. You can even forget how to tie the laces with these ones. It will not be necessary to learn how to loop and such things.

3. Place around with colors

Hickies has come up with some very interesting technology that allows you to wear two different shoe lace colors on one shoe. With the Hickies shoelaces you are free to mix and match colors as much as you please. They have so many different colors for you to select from. With regular shoe laces, you will probably have to find a way to get two different laces into one shoe.

4. Stylish

Above it all, elastic laces are just stylish. You can use them to make people think that you have different pairs of shoes yet it is just the one with different fancy lacing.

Have you been trying to figure out how you are going to make your shoes stunning and stylish? You should not hesitate to go for elastic lacing. Hickies has exactly what you need. You can get elastic laces for your official as well as casual pairs of shoes.


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