Why We Love Training

Business organizations across industries have been investing substantial capital in training and development of employees. It is testimony to the recognition of the key role that training and development endeavors play in enhancing productivity, knowledge and motivation levels of employees. Besides being constructive for both- employee learning and acceleration of the organization’s strides towards attaining its goals, training sessions also serve as an opportunity for participants to embark on new discoveries while they have fun and simultaneously learn.

Training sessions today are focused on encouraging participants to channelize their energy towards unwinding, unlearning the unwanted and bonding with fellow participants. Gone are the days of one-way communication training sessions where the trainer takes the center-stage with participants sitting and listening compliantly.

Training sessions these days are all about getting out of your seat, taking to the floor, mingling with others and expressing yourself clearly. They are also about telling and listening to stories, become a part of ever-changing groups, trying your hand at various fun activities and bonding with everyone. Very soon, you discover that that you are on friendly terms with most of the participants in the hall, which you find is rapidly turning into your  comfort zone.

Subconsciously, you are acquiring business nuances you really need at your workplace to explore your potential and excel. You are unlearning conventionalities and adapting to new methods of performing and, equally importantly, if not more, learning to bond with the members of your organization across levels.

What makes training all the more exciting today is the trend of holding it at exotic hotels within the city if not in some popular scenic locale on the outskirts of the city. That’s like an added bonus as the environment is greatly conducive to relaxing and imbibing key corporate gems of wisdom along with life lessons that will last a lifetime. A spread of exotic cuisine and refreshments during breaks are other incentives to look forward to. Little wonder then, most people love training sessions, and we don’t see why you shouldn’t!

CSSTEC Code is an enterprise software development training provider. We teach you how to become the best enterprise software developer you can possibly be. We teach Java, .Net, Front End technologies, BPM, Data Engineering and other enterprise development tools. Fundamentally we prepare you to work in the enterprise.

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