Why we all love flat shoes

There are many reasons why women love to wear flat shoes. Some women like the feeling when they stand firmly in the land or fall in love with men of their height, so find the shoes with heels as the unnecessary hassle. Others prefer free motion that allows them to run whenever they want without fear of tripping. For whatever reasons that you prefer flat shoes, this text is for you. We bring you a reminder of excellent reasons why flat shoes shiny and proposals for new models.

Black pointy flat shoes

Pointed shoes were once reserved for the rulers who wore them as a symbol of their royal dignity, and now are available to everyone. For this spring, designers prepared pointed flat shoes with the tip of a different color, usually silver or gold.

If for any reason you think it’s too much for you, the classic black flat pointed shoes are a great choice for you. You can wear them in different situations, and because of the peak that resembles the stiletto shoes, you can wear them even as dress shoes. They are perfectly matched with dresses are combined with the most wardrobe you already have, and it is easy to fit and in a business combination.

Satin ballet flat shoes

Satin ballet shoes are the timeless piece with a touch of sophistication and elegance. You can wear them anytime, anywhere and with anything, but it is recommended that you wear them in formal occasions and business meetings.

Yet the way you decide to wear them says a lot about you. If you wear them with a festive satin dress, you will act as a romantic soul, whereas if you pair it with jeans and a short leather jacket your rebellious trait will come to the fore. You can wear them with short flowing dresses or just a tailored black dress and oversized jewelry. There are only a few models of shoes that are so thankful and are suitable for different transformation. Since this model is not cheap, think about his purchase as an investment, and you will have perfect ballet shoes set with the leather that you can wear in a variety of opportunities and challenges to come, but it will always act sophisticated and irresistible.

Plain black flats

Before you think to get rid of the ordinary plain black flats, stop and think again. No other footwear does provide such a complete sense of comfort. There are so many ways you can match simple plain black flats that you will want to walk for hours to get them all to see, and your feet will be eternally grateful. How do I know? Because I am wearing them right now! The best way is to combine them with low waist jeans, narrow T- shirt, and wide denim jacket. This layout completes a huge bag of African patterns, allowing you to pack everything you need and everything you do not need.

You can wear them with a straight-cut black dress with geometric prints or leggings and tunic and in each of these cases will look adorable with very little effort. If you still don’t have yours plain black flats then treat your feet with one pair.


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