Why Professionals Should Clean Your Carpet Once A Year

After the purchase of a wall-to-wall carpet for your floors, the advice of having it professionally cleaned once every 12 or 18 months shouldn’t be new. If you have children roaming around the area or in cases where foot traffic is heavier than typical like in an office space shared my multiple employees, you can increase the frequency to at twice a year.

You might be thinking, “I vacuum and steam clean my carpet regularly. Shouldn’t it be enough?”

It depends on who you ask and how meticulous you are when it comes to cleanliness. To help us both decide, here are some reasons why experts should handle your carpets once a year.


#1 – They’re Trained

While the Internet can offer videos, hacks, and tutorials about carpet maintenance, professionals have undergone training on the various carpet types, cleaning solutions, and methods required to prolong and restore carpet life.

Their knowledge on the different fibers used on carpets equates to their capacity to accurately select effective pre-treatment solutions combined with cleaning methods and equipment to give your carpet some pampering. Carpet cleaners won’t have to guess which shampoo or cleaner to use.


#2 – They Have The Tools

You may have just bought a steam cleaner for your carpet from another “As Seen On TV” shopping channel. That’s great yet insufficient!

We would all love to have a piece of equipment that can do what professionals can in minutes. Consumer-grade products might be effective cleaners however not as thorough as the recommended extraction method offered by carpet cleaning companies.

Partnered with the best treatment solutions for your carpet type and condition, carpet cleaners have tools with enough power to remove debris, spills, stains, spots and other contaminations that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Their vacuums and steam cleaners can eliminate these substances that regular machines can’t, without leaving residues that add damage to our carpets.



 #3 – They’re “Pro”-Carpet

Because they have the supplies, the equipment, and the necessary training to take care of your carpet, they promote a longer life for your flooring investment.

They won’t leave your carpet either too dry or too wet that will make it shrink or look dull. Carpet cleaners may even restore the carpet’s color as if it’s newly-installed.


#4 – Warranty

High-quality carpet floorings come with a hefty price, and if you want to get your money’s worth and the benefits of a well-maintained carpet, do not think twice about having it professionally cleaned.

Aside from the abovementioned benefits, imagine how much time and effort you would save if you clean it yourself.  If your carpet comes with a warranty, you won’t void your policy if you have it professionally cleaned at least once a year. Just keep the receipts intact.

Some companies would allow you to replace your carpet for reasons other than manufacture defect or have an upgrade as long as you have your warranty. Hence, professional cleaning is part of the investment.

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