Why massage is good for your health

Massage has always been a method of treatment and relaxation. More than that, massage was an important cultural part of many countries, which, over the years, improved and developed a lot of techniques. Nowadays, considering the medical evolution, you might think that massage is no longer needed. However, this allegation is wrong. A proper massage therapy can still be a beneficial form of alternative medicine, which can cure a lot of modern conditions. The advantages of a massage therapy are pretty obvious. The whole treatment is extremely relaxing and it doesn’t involve an invasive or painful procedure. Massage could prove helpful with many health conditions.

1) Blood circulation issues 

This problem is very common among many people and it usually occurs from some DNA dysfunctions or a continuous state of sedentariness. It mainly affects the blood-flow and it can have some pretty major repercussions, if not treated on time. A massage session will stimulate the blood vessels and will improve the blood flow. For some improved results, the patient could combine the massage with some fitness exercises. Still, massage remains the most viable option, if the person presents a reduced mobility or it’s unable to move.

2) Muscle related problems

Even if we’re talking about a muscular atrophy, resulted from an accident or a long rest period, it can be cured with a special massage. In this type of massage, the specialist will identify the damaged muscle and will apply pressure on it, using different methods. Shortly after, the muscle will start gaining its flexibility and will function again, normally. Massage therapy is also helpful as a pain relief method. If the patient is suffering from muscular chronic pain, the pain killers are just a temporary solution. The only permanent treatment for this problem is surgery; or a full massage therapy. I don’t know about you, but I would avoid any surgical interventions, when there is other solution.

3) Digestive system conditions

You may not think that a massage could help you with your digestive problems, but it actually does. Many digestive conditions are generated by a slow movement of foods, in your organism. The products cannot be processed by the body and they continue to accumulate, without being transformed into waste. Sometimes, a slow metabolism can be triggered by stress or by an unhealthy diet. As we already know, massage is a great stress reliever. So, by going to a massage session, we could improve our metabolism and prevent any digestive problems, right from the start.

4) Chest congestion 

There are many respiratory conditions that can be cured with massage therapy. Chest congestion is the most common problem. It can usually be cured, using some very powerful drugs, which come with some pretty negative side effects. But this situation can be avoided as well. A physiotherapist will firstly recommend you a massage session, in which he will use cupping movements, just to relief the chest pressure. Your lungs will not be pressed anymore and you will be able to breath easily. This procedure must be repeated until you are able to breath free, with no additional help.

As you can observe, massage is not just a form of relaxation, massage therapy can be used for treating various medical conditions. This can be one of the best treatment methods because it presents no side effects, it’s entirely painless and more than that, it’s actually very satisfactory.

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