Why Indian Consumers Are Hard To Please?

Customers using foul language and threatening to switch to a competitor is something that almost every call center agent goes through, especially in countries like India. In spite of the fact that India’s consumer market is expanding with the aid of educated and tech-savvy consumers, most of the call centers are facing trouble in keeping up with the needs and expectations of customers. According to statistics, approximately 64% of consumers lose their temper while interacting with customer service representatives. While almost two in five Indians threaten to discontinue their association with the brands, one-third of them simply disconnect the call. Now the question is why Indian consumers are hard to please or why do they get irritated so easily? In the following write-up, you might get an answer to this question.

What Exactly Is The Problem?

After reading the above paragraph, you might be under the impression that Indians are too demanding and they lose their cool easily; this is actually not true. There is always a reason behind a consumer’s dissatisfaction and it is often bad customer service. The contact centers that offer telemarketing services and various other call center services are often not working as per the requirements and expectations of customers. From fake promises to neglected calls, these awful practices are a part of many contact centers flourishing across the length and breadth of the country. All this amounts to a loss for businesses that are trusting outsourced customer care services in India. Outsourcing call center services is certainly a remunerative decision, but when your contact center vendor is not practicing growth-oriented strategies then all you will attain is monetary loss as well as loss of reputation in the market.

What Is The Solution?

The only solution for this issue is hiring a call center service provider, who is credible and has a considerable amount of experience in the domain. Your customers are paying a good amount of money to avail the services and products that you are offering and they surely deserve a transparent and dynamic customer support process. In the age of social media, the news of deception travels fast and a resentful customer can be far more dangerous than you can imagine. So, it is best to get rid of an incompetent call center vendor and hire someone, who is credible and capable of delivering services in accordance with your consumer’s expectations. This step will significantly contribute towards the growth and success of your organization.

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