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Pur adhesive manufacturer – joyachem.com is a chemical and technological enterprise. integrating development, scientific research and production. We have university professors and experts on chemical to lead so that our technical force is abundant, and we have advanced equipments, and the best technical processing. The product quality and the performance are among the best in the chemical profession.

Since 2006, JOYA kept exporting adhesives and the related chemical and special foil to Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America etc.
JOYA has a professional polyurethane and adhesive R&D team, including two PH.D., six masters’ and foreign engineers. JOYA introduced Korea, Germany technology, and always keep in close partnership with domestic universities, research institutes.
JOYA upholds “professional, standardized, served” as management concept, “green, low-carbon, quality” as enterprise goal, to achieve “practical and innovative, people-oriented, team successful, to improve and enhance the quality of human life”.

what are the application fields of our products?

Flexible Packaging adhesive series: Food packaging adhesive series are used for food packaging laminating. Various items can professional fitting for common widely use and reinforce, boiling and steaming use, aluminum file lamination, high temperature sterilizing use, etc.

Hot melt series: This adhesive series are used for device bonding in production of Auto Interior and Appliances.

Agent series: defoamers, flatting agents, anti-seized agents, deadening agents, antioxidants, warm-feeling materials, antibiotics, and odor masking agents;

Hot transfer series: Specially made for your ABS, PC, PS, PVC, PP, PE, TPR, EVA|, paper, wood, leather, leather, clothing, density board, ceramic, metal, aluminum alloy, glass and other special requirements of the hot melt adhesive bonding technology or thermal transfer.

Textile finish series: This adhesive series are used for textile finishing. It can be applied in foil-printing, tie dying ad creping to increase the attractive appearance of fabric


Joyachem’s pur adhesive include:

Sealed Auto Light PUR

PVC and Wood PUR

Metal and TPU Hot Melt

Auto Interior and Appliances PUR

Fabric and Film, fabric and fabric lamination and EVA Lamination

Fabric and Fabric lamination and EVA Lamination

Paper and Plastic Film or Paper and Aluminum Lamination

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