Why Australians Love Thailand for Their Summer Holiday


Australians are fond of traveling the world and South Asian holiday destinations like Thailand have become one of the most loved outings for most. The beautiful year round weather and tropical landscapes of Thailand have won Australians over with many travelling more than once a year to different parts of the country enjoying all that it has to offer.

Additional to beautiful weather and breathtaking natural beauty of Thailand, the country is also home to some of the best preserved traditions from centuries ago that has touched accommodation, foods and hospitality of the Thai people deeply. Some of the Thai style resorts and hotels present some of the best traditional living styles to everyone including the Australians and here’s why Australians love Thailand for their summer holiday:

Summer in Thailand Is Winter in Australia

Australia is located in the world at a location where along with some of the neighboring countries, weather is reversed. This means summer in Australia is winter in most parts of the world and vice versa. Considering the fact that Australians have just come out of their summer season and are shifting towards winter, it is easy to say why the people would want summer to continue and the best way to get that is to travel to places that have practically the same nice weather all year round.

Thailand not only provides all the great weather this time of the year and most of the year as well but also specializes in natural preserved beauty that attracts people towards the country as well. Traveling to Thailand, Australians can get that feel of summer in their winter season as well and when analyzing why Australians love Thailand for their summer holiday, weather transition is one of the major behind the scenes factor.

Holidaymakers in Australia Prefer Thailand

One of the major sources of income for Thailand is tourism and Australian holidaymakers know that for a fact. Having managed contacts with most resorts, hotels, travel companies in Thailand and all the other involved sources, holidaymakers in Australia have developed their business channels that help them manage everything from their laptops or phones conveniently.

Not only do these holidaymakers offer travel plans but also necessities like accommodation, food and drink and traveling to various tourist locations within the country as well. Their readymade packages include everything and anything you might need when traveling to the country and the additional fact is, all these business connections help holidaymakers save money when they book the whole package as well. Everyone’s happy.

Beautiful Peace and Quiet are a Good Change

Australians in big cities like Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane are all but too much used to big city lifestyles with noisy roads, crowded shopping malls and busy work routines. Albeit, most people don’t hate their lives yet leaving all the busy routines and big city lifestyles behind and going for that Zen and peace sometimes brings a nice change.

Numerous resorts, quite beaches, jungle safaris or camping at various locations in Thailand bring just that. There are certain locations that usually stay quiet and peaceful all year and Australians love the peaceful environment these place have to offer with exquisite hospitality all year. When looking for why Australians love Thailand for their summer holiday, the nice break from big city life is certainly one of the top reasons.

Cheap Holiday Packages from Australia

Thailand is a tourist dream in more ways than one. The intense competition in the tourism industry has dropped prices of everything included in these services from accommodation to foods and travel around to local shopping. Australians are able to enjoy such cheap holiday packages that invite them to come back again considering the level of services they are able to enjoy at those low costs.

International airline companies have backed up these low costs for Thailand holiday packages as well and have lowered air ticket prices for most airports in the country. This is implemented for airlines in Australia as well adding to the cheap packages people are able to get from the country.

Thai People Have Become Used To Australians

Thai people have welcomed tourists from many countries and Australians are one of them. With so many Australians traveling to the country all year round, the local people have all but gotten used to nice and friendly Australians even getting fluent in English over the years.

The boosted amount of respect Australians get from the local people always invites them to come here again and enjoy the outstanding hospitality in all its glory. This factor is more notable in some parts of Thailand than others, Bangkok is certainly one of these good regions where everyone loves to travel to and enjoy all the hospitality the local people have to offer.

Getting the Thai Baht

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