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It has long been said that today’s customers have a very short attention span and even smaller level of patience. Also, with the growing usage of mobile devices, it’s no brainer that most of them are likely to access the internet through mobile devices.

Now, if the websites are not mobile friendly in the first place, it’s a loss for the respective businesses. Next, if the websites are mobile friendly, and they offer a live chat service that’s not mobile friendly, it won’t be as fruitful as expected. A mobile-friendly chat is what the mobile users require today to resolve their queries on the go and be confident enough to do business with the respective websites. Here’s what all a mobile-friendly chat can do for an e-commerce website:

Enhances customer experience:

A mobile-friendly chat automatically adjusts in size and layout to fit mobile screens. This enables the website visitors to see mobile- friendly chat windows. They do not have to face any sort of difficulty while using a live chat service using their mobile device. This further enhances the chat experience.

Simplified access to the support team:

A person may be shopping online while travelling from one place to another. He/ she would probably be using a mobile device to shop online. Now, when a website offers a mobile-friendly chat, it becomes very easy for the website visitors to get their queries resolved on the go. In other words, it simplifies their access to the support team and offers an instant query resolution, eliminates the chances of cart abandonment and inflates sales.

Ease to extend instant support:

Not only the visitors but even the agents benefit from a mobile friendly chat. They can chat online with visitors on their iOS or Android mobile devices while on the go. This further removes certain limitations related to providing online support to the customers.

Source: Live Chat Agent

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