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Global Politics is the one thing that makes every person world over interested and engrossed. Last couple of years has been quite eventful in terms of changing global political scenario.

The Syrian crisis, Donald Trump winning the US Presidential Election, Brexit, North Korean resolute, South China Sea (SCS) apprehension, Indo-Pak tension, CPEC roar, all these are few of the Global Socio-political issues, which make all intellectuals, politicians, and common people interested to a great extent. For instance, there are a few global issues at now, which have drawn attention of every person across the world, i.e.

Ransomware Attack- This is one of the biggest cyber attacks ever that has affected thousands of computers across the world. The Ransomware is a kind of virus that locks the computers and files of the users and subsequently, the hackers, asks ransom money for unlocking the computer systems. World’s leading organizations, hospitals, banks, etc. have become the victim of this recent attack. Britain, Russia, India, etc. countries are the main victims of this Ransomware attack.

Immigration News and Updates from USA and Australia- The USA has been in news for its recent immigration orders issued by Trump administration. Banning the immigrants from seven Muslim countries, i.e. Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Iran, Sudan, and Libya was one of such controversial decisions taken by Trump administration.

Australia too seemed to have followed the footsteps of the USA, as Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull recently announced to scrap popular Australian 457 Visa that allows temporary foreign workers to stay and work in Australia up to 4 years. Tightening the citizenship requirement was another crucial decision taken by Turnbull administration.

Latest Indo-Pak Tension in ICJ- All eyes are on International Court of Justice (ICJ) at now which is about to give judgment in a crucial case including India and Pakistan as opponents. This case is regarding capital punishment announced by Pakistan’s Military Court to an Indian Citizen Mr. Kulbhushan Jadhav claiming that he is a spy from Indian Intelligence Agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing).

On the other end, India has filed a petition against this punishment in International Court of Justice blaming Pakistan for unfair trial of Kulbhushan Jadhav, and seeking councilor access to save his citizen. Pakistan has not provided the councilor access to India despite repeated appeals.

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