Which fears grip you about hair transplant procedures?

In 1897, a successful hair transplant procedure was conducted, though today’s results are much better than those results. The modern techniques of hair transplantation have shown diverse positive benefits ever since the procedures became popular decades ago. In the 2000s, the FUE hair transplant technique took the lead in the hair transplant field.

The procedure is still the most preferred technique even though the FUT technique has greatly advanced. The main reasons as to why FUE takes the lead are;

  • No visible scars

  • Shortened and simple postoperative care and treatment

  • Better natural results

  • Offers an opportunity of BIO-FUE which enhances the quality of the hair and so

Patients who need more hair grafts will have to choose an FUT technique since it helps the surgeon collect more hair follicles in a short time and at least more hair grafts are available for the hair transplant procedure. The advancement in the hair transplantation field has proven hair transplant procedures to be friendly and termed as the permanent solution to baldness.

Despite the observed benefits of a hair transplant, fear still grips many alopecia patients for many reasons. Hair transplant procedures are at times misrepresented by the inexperienced surgeons or the unpredicted botched results that may occur. Here are the other main reasons as to why some patients still doubt hair transplant procedures and our response;

  1. Infections

Surgeries lead to infections and since hair transplantation is a surgery, some patients suffer from these infections due to the ineffective treatment. Antibiotics must be taken as the surgeon may prescribe and if proper attention is taken, there are no chances of infections

  1. Scarring

Scarring is normal and expected after a hair transplant procedure. Visible scarring is expected during the FUT procedure since a strip is cut from the donor area, whereas in the FUE, scarring is minor since dot-like scars are observed. The skills of surgeon assist a lot in reducing the size of the scars after a hair transplant in Vishakhapatnam.

The above-mentioned side-effects should not scare you aware from hair transplants in case you are affected by baldness. Hair transplant procedures utilize your own hair to recover hair in the affected region. The surgeon does this after numbing the scalp and there is no pain felt during the procedure.

What must you do to avoid a botched procedure?

  1. Choose an advanced hair transplant centre

Make a survey in order to get the best hair clinic with an experienced surgeon. Try to look at the patients’ testimonials and reviews before the procedure

  1. Get a consultation with an expert

A consultation is vital to make a good observation of the affected area and the required number of hair follicles. It will also help you make good decisions about the technique to use

  1. Follow the surgeon’s instructions

This is important after the surgery. Take the antibiotics as recommended and use a few care tips to reduce the effect of the side effects your scalp. In the case of extended pain and other irregularities, see a doctor

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