Where to Get Liquor Offers in UAE

In UAE, promotion of alcohol is not allowed in public. Alcohol companies advertise their products in approved liquor shops in UAE. There are other forms of promotional activities seen in online alcohol stores of UAE where you get liquor offers. These online liquor stores in UAE give price discounts and promotional offers. It is an established marketing fact that liquor lovers tend to purchase greater quantities of alcohol when they are subject to price discounts on volume based offers.

Liquor Stores with Offers in UAE


It is a liquor store company in UAE which is home to world`s leading wines, beer and spirits brands. They have 16 conveniently located stores in Dubai, Le Clos in Dubai International Airport and Al Hamra Cellar in Ras Al Khaimah. They give you monthly liquor offers where you can purchase your favorite brands at reduced prices. Visit MMI website to view their monthly offers. It is important to check the availability of products on discount due to limited stocks in supply.

Le Clos

It is an MMI ( Maritime & Mercantile International) outlet with stores at Dubai International Airport and another at Al Hamra Cellar in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. If you are arriving in Dubai, you can enrich your shopping experience by visiting this outlet where you will find great promotions on some of the world`s best wines and spirits. For example, you can get Suntory Kakobin, Japan`s best selling whiskey at only 28 US dollars. On viewing their promotions this month, we find that in this month of June, you can buy whiskeys at 50 percent off on selected items from this outlet. Visit their online store to avail their liquor offers in Dubai. You can also order online from this liquor store. They have concierge delivery service so that they can meet you with your bottles when you arrive in Dubai. They also offer complimentary bottle engraving to make your bottle very special.

Al Hamra Cellar

Al Hamra Cellar is a liquor shop in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE owned by MMI, where you get beer, wines, champagne, spirits, and buy liquor without liquor license required. Visit their online shop to view their liquor offers and latest products for promotion. They are more special for wines where you can choose your favorite wines based on the country, style and graph variety.


It is a prominent British supermarket chain that operates several liquor shops in Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah. Each liquor shop is physically attached to the supermarket. You can view their liquor offers from their online liquor store where you have access to their monthly liquor promotions mentioned in their newsletter.  For example, in Heineken, you have case offers, can offers and bottle offers. If you buy a case of Heineken beer, you get 6 cans free. This means 30 cans priced at  203 AED will now be 155 AED. You also have offers on Beers, wines, spirits on a monthly basis.

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