What To Do If It Starts Raining On Moving Day

Moving your belongings from one place to another has always been a stressful and hard job to do. It is not easy to move your heavy furniture items to long distances without help of any house removals Farnham partner. There are many man and van Wallington companies that can provide you comfort and security with your belongings but most of the time you are on your own while packing your stuff. Also packing is the most important step in your overall moving trip, done in right and secure way it can save your products from any kind of damage. Do you consider whether while selecting or finalizing your day of move? Most people will answer “no”.  You should consider whether conditions while choosing the day of your move especially for rain. Rainy days are very common in all over UK, and rain can disturb you moving schedule on the moving day. Here are some tips if it starts raining on your moving day:

Wrap up items with water proof covering:

Electronic items are most vulnerable to damage caused of water, so it is good to wrap this kind of electronic products with water proof covering that can keep them safe in case of contact with rain. Use of bubble wraps is good for wrapping electric products normally and is also very useful to protect them from water as it is also waterproof. So you do not need any extra water proofing material, bubble wrap can easily do the job for you. If not available you can also use plastic bags and bin liners, these items can also save your products from rain water to some extent. Such items can be good for clothes; just do not forget to remove hooks and other sharp edges from your hangers, sharp edges can rip off the packing and your clothes too. Also avoid using cardboard boxes on rainy days as they get dissolved if come in contact with water. Rather than using cardboard boxes on rainy day, use crates instead.

Entrance Areas:

Moving your stuff needs to load it in a van or tuck. For loading you need to move all your belongings out of the house. On a rainy day your doorways become slippery because of rain water. There is a risk to getting slipped on such slippery doorways, getting you injured and also products damaged. Use some old blanket or towel and lay it down on such thresholds.

Drive Carefully:jfkksfdfjsdkl

Driving a van full of your precious household items is very risky and hard. Pull gently while starting your journey; beware of corners and sharp turns go slower than usual speed. It is very important to protect your items from damage while in transit. You can also consider the services of a professional man and van Croydon provider to minimize the risk.