Time has changed dramatically for mobile Companies over past few years. You won’t imagine that today mobile users are more than desktop users. This means, if you are still not thinking to create mobile application, then you are going to be left behind and fast. If you want to build a relationship with customer, then mobile application will be really helpful to you.

Are you about to enter on the journey of creating your first mobile App? Not to worry, it’s not that much difficult task to hire mobile developer for building your App.

There are few question you should ask while finalizing mobile developer, to prevent yourself from abrupt situation.

1. When you uploaded your first App on Store?
Reason: From this you can count Companies year of experience in mobile development, which is very important to know. A Company who published first App nearby 2008 ( App store went live) is having good experience.

2. Can we discuss about the last 2 projects you have done?
Reason:You will get to know which latest technology they are using for mobile app development. Are they using any latest techniques? Are they updated themselves? What problem they faced while developing those Apps? What process they are using?

Even you can check with their client feedback about them as well.

3. Are you currently working on any project?
Reason:  You can investigate whether they have time to complete your project on time or not. Sometime mobile developers agree to work under your timeline, but due to overloaded with too many projects he cross the deadline.

4. How frequently you can communicate with us?
Reason: For successful “Go-Live” of your project you can’t meet with designer or developer in a personal, communication is the only way to be in touch with them. You have to check what kind of communication process they are using and how frequently they can update you on your project.

5. What help you need from me to create App?
Reason: It’s impossible to create a successful App without your involvement. At every stage of development like designing wireframe, design work, product flow they need your help.

6. How will you prefer to update me?
Reason: To check whether development process is matching with your requirement, you will want regular update. You should have access to project management tool like basecamp, Asana, trello, etc so that you can check project progress.

Here’s a checklist to guide you when hiring mobile app development Company or even an independent iOS developer or Android Developer.

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