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And you do so, by building hypothetical situations, instead of listing out why you want to go this route. Because many a time, it is easier to make people understand via situational examples as compared to laying out the bare facts. It is imperative you do it this way because the time taken, how much of energy you need to expend, the waiting period and of course, the budget you need to set aside can all be woven into the scenario that they understand it well.

a)  Situation 1 : Bruce Maddox just got to know that his parental home has been bequeathed to him. He just inherited a home in Virginia that he so loved. And in a way, he is happy and yes, concerned too. It’s a mixed bag of feelings welling up within him. Though he resides in the same place, he has a house and is all set and settled there. His inherited home is not in a great condition as his parents were living in an assisted living facility the last couple years owing to ill health. So, the house was just locked up and cleaned once in a while. Now, it will mean completely revamping the house end-to-end and then making a decision to either move in, or get into landlording or just leave it locked. Then there is the probate period to wait for. Though he loves his inherited home, practicality calls for other approaches and yes decisions have to be made fast. He does not have that kind of money to spend on the house revamp either. His spouse wants him to sell the house at the earliest. Because she knows that ‘we buy houses’ homebuyers will buy the house “As Is” and will complete the sale process in as little as 7 days. So, he agrees to his wife’s suggestion and seeks out reliable cash homebuyers.

Under the circumstances, was it not the best move? It was prudent and a hassle-free method too. And here, “Realtors” wouldn’t really have worked too.

b)  Situation 2 : Suzanne Dave is going through a rough patch in her life. And it all seemed to be happening at the same time. Just when she got to know that she is on the hit list and will be pink slipped soon, she also realizes that her husband wants to separate. And yes, eventually file for divorce. Now, It’s one too many things happening at the same time and it is taking a huge toll on her mentally and physically. Her financial health is not too good and the future seems rather bleak all of a sudden. And, the house they share in Maryland is jointly owned. So, neither can technically own it. And so, good sense prevails and the both of them decide to sell their house fast to ‘we buy houses’ homebuyers in Maryland where they live. Because that way, they get cash for their house and they can go their separate ways.

Now, circumstantially, Suzanne was in a bad spot, so she decided to make the most of the situation and salvage whatever she could. Therefore, she chose this path and it was a good move.

We Buy Your Houses “As Is” and Pay Cash

And you have succeeded in convincing the people who put forth the question to you in the first place. And they agree with your decision to go with dependable we buy your houses homebuyers.


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