What Is the Best Phone System for My Business?

The main reason for the deployment of an IP telephony system is, without a doubt, lower values ​​with fixed and mobile telephony costs. With it you can integrate company communications and make free calls between headquarters and branches. Deploying the IP telephony in Dubai in addition to the distribution of internal calls (extensions) to your company can use several services that will add values ​​to your business, reduce costs, increase productivity and facilitate the work of your team and employees. The best phone system for your business is the one having or offering the following features and advantages.

Reduction of telephony cost (Telecom & IT convergence)

You should be able to save money by using an IP telephony in Dubai for long distance calls or international calls. And should also be able to easily connect telephony systems between offices / branch offices and make free calls.

No separate telephone line

An IP telephony system should allow you to connect handsets directly to a standard network port. Phone software may be installed directly on the computer. This means that you do not have to install and maintain separate network wiring for the telephone system, allowing you to have much greater flexibility in adding users / extensions. If you are moving to an office and you have not yet installed telephone wiring, you can save a lot of money by installing only one network.

Easier to manage due to web configuration interface

The VoIP phone system should have a web configuration interface that allows for easy maintenance and better tuning of your telephone system. Private telephony systems often have difficulty using the most common interfaces, so only telephony system installers can use them efficiently.


Private systems tend to grow too much: to add more lines or phone extensions it is common to need an expensive hardware upgrade. In some cases, a totally new telephone system is required. The same does not happen with a VoIP phone system: a standard computer can easily handle a large number of telephone lines and extensions – you should be able to add more phones to your network to expand your system.

The IP telephony arises to fulfil quick communication need, centralizing lines and extensions, allowing the organization of internal and external communication and providing total secrecy between the connections, with a great cost-benefit ratio for your business. VoIP technology, so present today and gaining more and more space, appears as the perfect alternative for those who want more security, fair values ​​and efficiency in a single product, bringing a differential to your business.

There are many different technologies, but they can definitely contribute to the success of your venture. Choose the model that best fits your business and rely on the features that will facilitate communication and enable the management of internal and external phone calls in a way you never expected!

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