What is Secure Software Development

Secure software development is a growing need among software development companies. Software development is described as a life cycle, otherwise known as secure SDLC. Security acts as an overarching theme for the entire cycle, which is described as: “Requirements, Design, Coding, Testing, and Deployment.” (Information obtained from the InfoSEC Institute Website). The increase in security is necessary because of the raisinginterest in hacking for profit of a variety of enterprises, or for fun for people to gain some quick notoriety on the internet. These interests make people more aware of internet security concerns because being hacked looks bad for publicity, especially in information sensitive fields. Personally, I know that I would want my information secure on an application’s server, because I use a lot of finance apps to help me save money. If information is unsecure on a givensite, financial information is at risk. If a vulnerability happens, it erodes the ability of people to trust in the company.

Secure software development starts with assessing the risks to information. Is a computer liable to have passwords or information stolen because of coding errors or an ability for someone to create a backdoor on a network? Risk assessment tries to mitigate potential problems before they arise. Once risks are assessed, security teams have to try to penetrate their own software, and preserve the best code for use in the security protocols for the network. Once the software is proven to protect against the security team’s hacking prowess, the security code is deployed to protect the information in the company. Through the process of deployment, the software is continually tested to see if any vulnerabilities arise in the midst of the standard use.

Given the emphasis on security in the world, it makes sense that these sensitivities are moving to the technology sector. Secure software development is an important development in furthering information security because it places importance on being precise and continuous monitoring of potentially vulnerable systems. When people are dependent on technology to keep their information and records preserved, the SDLC, with its increased emphasis on security protocol, helps put some worries at ease. There will never be perfect safety, but it is good to know that steps are being taken to decrease the risks of hacking and information theft.

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