What is SAP HR? SAP HR Configuration


SAP HR (Human Resources) is one of the largest functional modules in SAP. It’s called SAP HR or SAP HRMS, HCM or SAP Human Resources. It includes the main sub-modules Organizational Management, Time Management, Personnel Cost Planning, Personnel Administration, Recruitment, Payroll, Budget Management, Personnel Development, Compensation Management, Training & Event Management, Travel Management, and Environmental Health & Safety.

Overview of Human Resource Structure

A Human Resources Management System allows you to set up organizational hierarchies and employee relationships and then store and administer employee data in the system. The structures of an enterprise are divided into administrative structures, based on the enterprise and organizational structures, based on an organizational plan, and personnel structures.

There are three classes of Human Resource structure:

1. Enterprise Structure

2. Personnel Structure

3. Organizational Structure

Data on the organizational assignment of employees is of great value for authorization checks, for the entry of additional data, and for Time Management and Payroll Accounting.

Enterprise Structure: Company code, personnel area, and personnel subarea

Personnel Structure: Employee group, employee subgroup, payroll accounting area

Organizational Structure: Organizational units, jobs, and positions

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