What is RO membrane?

RO Membrane is the most costly consumable product of Reverse Osmosis water Filter; in fact the pre carbon and sediment filters are installed just to save the membrane filter.

The membrane is the part where the actual process of Reverse osmosis takes place. It is therefore very important and a RO system cannot function without the same.
When should it be changed?
Since is a consumable product therefore, it needs to be replaced depending upon usage, but unlike sediment and carbon filter it is not changed periodically instead generally it is changed only when it stops giving pure water or the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) i.e. the taste changes and is no longer fit for drinking.

Some companies like Eureka Forbes (Aqua guard) recommend changing the membrane after 6000 liters which is about one and half year for an average household consuming roughly 10 liters water per day.

Most branded membranes tend to last longer though and can last up to 3 years or even more, depending upon the input water quality and other variables. When in proper condition the membrane should give a flow of around 12 liters per hour and TDS reduction of more than 90-95% for example if the input TDS is 1000 the resultant TDS after passing through membrane should be between 50-100.

The TDS should not exceed over 100-150 in any case and the flow should also be of around 7-8 liters at the least. If the membrane is failing on either of these, it should be replaced. Delaying this can harm the system in the long term specially the booster pump, which is also a costly part, so it should not be delayed when needed. For getting ro services like repair or replace select Aquafresh water purifier Chandigarh, Aquafresh water purifier Panchkula.
Can it be repaired or cleaned?
Yes it can be cleaned if it chokes up or is not giving proper flow, then you can open it using citric acid and flushing it through the membrane using pressure from the booster pump of your RO filter, you can find the same in the video link given below.
YouTube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlCrRE9lw4A
How can I replace it?
If your membrane is not giving proper flow or TDS value its best to replace it, you can call a technician or replace it yourself if you want, many times technicians take huge amount for membrane change. The membrane filter is less than one thousand rupees; you can buy it from https://purifierkart.com/product-category/spare-parts/
If you want to replace it yourself, you can check out our link below
You tube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWo4HQwGJiU