What exactly do these types of cannabis oil have in terms of THC and CBD?

Many people search about different marijuana products such as to buy Nembutal Online, or Kush for sale, however there are few who just want to read about those strains before making the purchase. Well, here you can read about different types of Cannabis Oil and the percentage of THC and CBD in the same.

Bubble Gum Cannabis Oil
THC: 60.70%, CBD: 2.36%

It offers a thrilling out of body experience and is often known as the best strain among the consumers.

Blackberry Kush Cannabis Oil
THC: 60.73%, CBD: 2.94%

It is a hybrid strain with 80% Indica and 20% sativa. It is not known as to be to strong but definitely an extreme pain reliever along with a perfect mood setter.

Sour Diesel Cannabis Oil
THC: 59.58%, CBD: 2.51%

Commonly known as Sour D and is loved by those who generally appreciate the smell of Diesel. This one is quite famous among the patients because of its great effects on Stress, pain, and depression.

Tangie OG Cannabis Oil
THC: 62.06%, CBD: 2.66%

Even though it offers relaxing effects to the consumers, still it is suggested to use in the day time as it may cause you a sleepless night.

Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Oil
THC: 59.02%, CBD: 1.99%

Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Oil aka GSC is a perfect hybrid between OG Kush and Durban Poison, which is normally found on the borders of California. It offers a euphoric experience to the consumers.

Big Foot II Cannabis Oil
THC: 54.41%, CBD: <0.1%

It is the house blend of few companies with different ingredients. Overall it contains numerous strains to create a unique one with amazing experience.

Super Lemon Haze Cannabis Oil
THC: 60.86%, CBD: 3.6%

Our two times Cannabis Cup Winner; Super Lemon Haze is a hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. It is a daytime strain which energises the body and offers the lemony taste.

Rick Simpson Oil
This is the most common strain available in the market with a lot of demand. Several people try to find the right place to buy Rick Simpson oil belonging to the best quality.

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