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Most times, it is our lives and events in life that determine the course of it. Therefore, this analogy applies to selling houses and identifying the right we buy your houses, homebuyers. Time, positioning and based on situations and the varied scenarios, it is best to find home buying companies who firmly abide by, ‘We Buy Your Houses’ ‘As Is’. In fact, timing is everything. Consider these two settings and it is self explanatory which option you would take or would opt for.

a)  Scenario 1 : Cynthia Adams had just inherited her ancestral home in Maryland. Well, excitements apart, she knew that she would have to get through the whole long drawn probate process, and after which, pay estate duties and taxes and then, if she decided to keep the house, she would have to maintain it, pay property taxes, repairs, revamping and considering that it was an old building, maintenance costs would definitely be frequent and higher. Now she lived in another place and travelling and checking up was not even an option. On the other hand, she owned a house in her place of residence and she couldn’t afford maintaining two homes. And more so, she was employed and wouldn’t be able to take time off frequently. She was in a Catch 22 situation, to sell her much loved inherited house or to keep it.

Now, even if she wanted to sell her house, what were her options? Wait for a long time for the house to be probated and put it up in the market by engaging realtors. Or she could just contact reliable house buying companies in Maryland, who engage in we buy houses As Is and buy her inherited home even before the probate or other formalities were completed.

b)  Scenario 2 : Dave Brown was going through a divorce. And it was an acrimonious one. After many rounds of mediation and court intervention, the divorce was finalized pending some key decisions to be taken. One was of course, shared custody of his children and the other was whether either spouse would keep the marital home or if it was best to sell the house and share the sale proceeds. Both of them were not agreeable to each other’s suggestions. They couldn’t come to a conclusion. And also, time was running out, the upkeep, mortgage payments had to be taken care of. Finally, they decided to sell the house. For which, they contacted a realtor and put up the house for sale.

Now, the real estate market wasn’t ideal. It was not a seller’s market, offer prices were low and over and above that, both were not agreeable to the offers that came by, time was running out and they were not able to come to a conclusion or even find a suitable buyer. What would work best for them?

We Buy Your Houses As Is- We Buy Your Houses for Cash

Well, you know which option would work best. It is best to contact established home buying companies who buy your houses at any time in any condition. When engaging with these house buyers, you do not have to worry about literally anything. They have a solid policy of ‘We Buy Houses As Is’ and no conditions, litigations, foreclosure or even issues matter. The companies are armed and equipped with a sound policy of ‘We Buy Houses’ anyhow, anytime, anyways!

The home buying companies make immediate offers and then move through the paperwork in record time, and in 7 days, you can sell your house for cash. And not to miss, there is no extra commissions or fees to be paid!

But before that, it is always good to do some basic groundwork, and rely on experienced, longstanding home buying companies who have an established office presence and have been in the business for many years.


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