Virtual Reality Turns Social Media Into A Literal Facebook

Samsung says the virtual reality will grant us “ to have interaction with one another within the virtual reality space like in no way earlier than.” That is much less about scrolling through your feed, and more about Facebook recently joining YouTube to aid 360 videos.

“A customized feed of 360-degree and regular videos based on friends and followed pages is now accessible, making a social media experience like no different,Type in a URL, and go to a web page.It’s the same facebook or Gmail or Yelp you’d in finding on a pc, just connected to your face.” Samsung mentioned in a announcement.Facebook Videos is available via the Occulus Video hub, and it is divided into four categories: 360 Trending, 360 Featured, Shared by Friends, and Saved.“We’re very excited that through our partnership with facebook we are in a position to introduce new Gear VR features in order to support people to share their virtual fact experiences with loved ones and associates,” declared Prasad Gokhal, vice chairman cell Division, Samsung Electronics Australia.

But the trouble with that is, typing in virtual reality is a literal headache.To log into Netflix on the Gear VR for example you have to “type” by jerking your head around to point the set at distinct letters on a tiny virtual keyboard. Even as it’s now not so unhealthy for a one-time login,it’s hard to think looking to browse the web for any amount of time without problems resorting to the facile UI of the smartphone locked into the front of the headset.It’s also possible to manage the browser by means of voice, but who wishes to assert what they’re looking up on YouTube out loud?

That problem – methods to engage with things that aren’t video games, how you can variety, the way to quality use gaze to direct virtual environments – is without doubt one of the future massive challenges for VR to face,and it’s up in the air whether controllers, eye-tracking, or a yet-to-be-invented user interface is how VR will turn from environment to something different.Without difficulty porting a browser over to a virtual environment is seems to be clumsy, however it’s additionally it’s also a first step towards this technology figuring out how to become something too bigger.








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