User Experience on Swimming Ear Plugs

As a competitive swimmer growing up, I always thought that ear plugs for Swimming were for those swimmers who just didn’t want to put in the time to learn how to swim the right way. I thought that ears naturally built up a force field against the water over time and you had to put in the time to reap the benefits. People who wore these crazy things were just swim-wannabees.

When I turned 35 my outlook changed (slow learner). I found that I was getting more and more ear infections and ear pain. I worked with kids and thought I was either catching colds from them or I was training to hard and my immune system was a bit low — Never was it the water’s fault.

Week after week I was having ear pain until I went to the doctor’s to be told again that I had yet another ear infection. Was my dear old friend, the water, beginning to turn on me?

YES, and there was nothing I could do about it. The fact is that, while most people do not need to swim with ear plugs, water in the ear definitely affects many swimmers and can cause some serious conditions in certain people.  The force field was breached forever and there were no techniques for keeping water out of my ears except for….yes, ear plugs for Swimming

From there I went online to find out what the swimmers were actually using. Here’s what I found:
ear plugs for Swimming   They come in a case so I can’t lose them. There is no kneading like the wax ear plugs for Swimming; they’re ready out of the package. They block the water great, are soft and comfortable. The only problem I had was getting them into my ears properly. Most of the time, ear plugs for Swimming went right on with no problem but there is a circular part that falls on the outside of the ear that is sometimes hard to line up. If it doesn’t line up, I would get water in my ears and spend more time trying to adjust them.

Custom made ear plugs for Swimming –  They come in a case and are ready to use out of the package. Unlike the Zoggs, they block the water better but are not soft and comfortable because they are made of a harder plastic. Another big difference from the ear plugs for Swimming is that there is no circular piece that fits in the outside of the ear. These swim plugs are arrow-shaped, making it easier to insert and get to the reason why you are at the pool — to SWIM!

My ear plugs for Swimming swim plan now is to rotate between the two different brand ear plugs. Generally, if I can’t get the Zoggs in on the first or second try, I go for the Hearos. I’ll wear those for a few days until the inside of my ears get a bit sore and switch back to the Earmold sydney. Complicated, but it works.

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