Upper Mustang Trekking

Upper Mustang trek is a stunning marvels of fortune on planet covered up a long ways past the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri massif was stay unexplored until 1992. The spiritualist Trans Himalayan’s little kingdom Upper Mustang is very much prestigious as limited region among experience mountain explorers. This trekking trail is getting from that point a standout amongst the most went by trails as an alternate testing high plain forsake. Colt is an old Buddhist kingdom and the fundamental focal goal of the trek is called “Lo Manthang” which is otherwise called capital of “Prohibited Kingdom”. The mud walled old city, Lo Manthang and other encompassing settlement around their customary social orders stayed untouched by modernization for a long time.


Colt trekking visit has a place with the migrant land Mustang’s upper valley was joined to Tibet untill14th century hence individuals’ way of life and their way of life and religion are comparative with Tibetan.


Bronco is the secretive land visit which offers a special affair and investigation – inexplicable geographical elements of scene, intriguing medieval age old religious communities, an experience with run of the mill culture and look at inhale taking snow topped pinnacles. Other than warm welcome of nearby individuals, antique royal residence visit and welcome visit to King are ever life-changing snapshot of this trek.


Upper Mustang trekking ended up noticeably famous after visit of Michel Peissel. The early guest of Mustang-Lo Manthang was Michel Peissel a well fame essayist of mainstream book “Tiger for Breakfast” is otherwise called the primary westerner to witness the Tiji celebration in 1964. He had clarified in his book “Colt” A lost Tibetan Kingdom “We wound up amidst a celebration in which over a thousand men, ladies and youngsters were partaking. Before us spread an ocean of climate beaten chestnut faces that appeared differently in relation to those of the radiating, messy little kids who clung like grapes upon the housetops of the houses.” He additionally advanced depicts as “The scenes I saw were so remarkable thus unforeseen that I challenged not trust my eyes and even today I have some inconvenience in having confidence in the truth of what I saw that day.” From the above lines we came to realize that this wonderland must be gone to once in lifetime… … .and for various occasion experience!!!!

Best Season

Upper Mustang lies in the rain shadow of the Himalaya, making it an awesome rainstorm trek and open year-round for trekking. The primary thought is the winter, when most occupants leave the cash-flow to maintain a strategic distance from the icy and snow. By and large, the best time to visit Upper Mustang is from March to early November.

Getting to this Trek

Jomsom is the beginning stage for all courses heading into the Upper Mustang area. A great many people fly amongst Pokhara and Jomsom (a 20-minute flight) to spare time and to evade the difficult transport or jeep travel via arrive. The authority checkpost for the limited locale is Kagbeni, recently north of Jomsom.

Trip Highlights

Rich Tibetan-impacted culture and convention.

Semi-dry leave with profound gorges and shake racks, bordered with blanketed pinnacles.

Close perspective of Annapurna, Nilgiri, and Dhaulagiri

Amchi historical center and Amchi school

Tread on the fourteenth century Buddhist Kingdom which is practically as in place as it was hundreds of years back.

Four storyedChhoser Cave with 50 + private room and group kitchen

Old cloisters worked in 13 century

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