Undiscovered Hong Kong

Once an important British territory, Hong Kong was handed over to China in 1997. This has led to the country enjoying a wonderful mix of two very different cultures. Traces of the British Rule are still very evident in the local’s love of horse racing, and the grand structures that line the roads, the Chinese influence is found in the food and traditions followed by the locals. If you choose to embark of one of our Hong Kong holiday packages, you can be sure to enjoy amazing night life and abundant shopping opportunities that autonomous city has to offer.


If you still aren’t convinced, here’s a list of the reasons why Hong Kong must be your next travel destination:


Concert of Lights

At the top of our Hong Kong to-do list is the Symphony of Lights. Guinness has recognised it as the largest permanent light and sound show in the world. This magnificent spectacle highlights Hong Kong’s diversity, and offers glamorous night views of Victoria Harbour. This is one show you can’t afford to miss in Hong Kong!


Victoria Peak

Hong Kong’s city skyline is a real sight to behold. If you want a proper view of the city’s tall towers, then head to Victoria Peak. To get to the popular viewpoint, you’ll have to ride a tram, which only adds to the overall experience. Once you’re at the top, you can take in the panoramic views of the entire city below, as well as the neighbouring islands. A truly breathtaking view!


Theme Parks

Hong Kong is home to some of the most amazing theme parks. If you’d like to indulge your inner child, then you can visit Disneyland and walk the streets with Mickey and Minnie. Or, if you’d prefer a more wholesome experience, then Ocean Park covers all the thrills you can handle in a day. Speed along the twists and turns of the Dragon roller coaster, or watch the penguins play in the Polar Adventure. Ride along the rapids in The Rainforest, or enjoy the carnival along the waterfront plaza.


Shopping Life

Temple Street Night Market is a must visit for shopaholics in Hong Kong. Electronics are fairly popular, and almost always on sale. The shopping malls here are massive and among the most impressive in the world. You would certainly miss out if you did not indulge in a few deals whilst visiting.


Food Fare

Hong Kong is legendary for its restaurants and its cuisine, but it’s the variety of food that is surprising. From regular dim sums and herbal teas to delicacies like shark fin, those who are willing to experiment with tastes are sure to find something interesting at the restaurants here.


There is so much to see and do beyond the city and most of us don’t even scratch the surface. Are you ready for some true adventure? Cox & Kings can smoothly tailor Hong Kong tour packages that meet your specific needs.

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