Understanding the Science of Advertising

People think that advertising and marketing are concepts that gained roots in the early 20th century. Truly false! These concepts can be considered as old as the concept of agriculture! Yes, according to a psychological research, it stated that advertising and marketing is a trait that all humans inherit in themselves right from their birth. When we analyse this in-depth, we can see hypothesis of the research proven true! Like one of these – “You might have encountered a phase in your life where you meet someone more knowledgeable or more good looking than you. In this part of the time, what do you do? You try to show your abilities, you advertise yourself”. Many of the philosophers argued on the concepts being the traits of humans. They detailed their side of the argument with examples of some philanthropist and said that no philanthropist would advertise themselves because they work for the mankind. Agreed. No social worker or mankind lover advertises himself, but the unconscious mind takes them at the height where they advertise themselves. Like for Nelson Mandela. He never marketed himself over the posters, but he gave speeches and that was necessary for an action. That is an act of advertising!
Advertising consists of several elements such as content, web marketing, posters, mailers, SMS and others. Content is the King. Words can seed a trust, they can build a brand, they can make you sing and go bobble. That is where words matter and advertising makes perfect use of these words. In advertising, words change emotions. They make you think as they want to, not what you want to! Makes a difference here! Here the science is the psychology of the humans. Give humans a little emotional message they will turn to support you and marketing is all about building emotions! (Remember all the LIC advertisements “Jeevan Ke Saath Bhi Jeevan Ke Baad Bhi!”) This is why there came several content marketing companies in Mumbai who make the Companies stand out popular among the audience.
The next big thing about advertising is Social Media. This is also a part of psychology. Via social media, advertising tries to connect you to the people, many people. When many people know you, you become famous. But one thing to look closely at is that Social media is an application. Advertising uses this as a science wherein people meet people, but with a different subject and address of issues. In Science, we know that when you combine two compounds of different characteristics, the end product is a newly formed material. Social media also forms a new product i.e new friendship and new partnerships for businesses! The increasing use of social media platforms in business has resulted in many social media optimisation company coming into existence in Mumbai.
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