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UK Footwear Market Research Reports

The UK Footwear Market Reports 2017-2022


“The UK Footwear Market 2017-2022”, report offers comprehensive insight and analysis of the market (including forecasts up to 2022), the major players, the main trends, and consumer attitudes. It provides in-depth analysis of the following: the hot issues impacting the market, strategies for success, market sizes and forecasts, retailer profiles, retailer market shares, consumer data and future outlook.

The UK footwear market is forecast to grow by 13.7% over the next five years, and will be driven by higher retail prices with inflation staying above 1.0% until 2021. As a consequence volumes will remain muted as shoppers opt to delay purchases – except for those on essential childrens footwear.

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– Just 9.9% of footwear shoppers buy at least once a month, compared to 15.7% of clothing shoppers.
– Quality is the biggest purchase motivator with 90.3% of footwear shoppers citing it as important. Quality holds more importance among mature shoppers making it imperative that the likes of Clarks, Hotter and Pavers showcase their quality credentials.
– Between 2012 and 2017 an additional 80m has been spent on wide fit footwear, with the market outperforming the adult footwear sector.

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Reasons to buy

– Utilise the detailed market data and insight to help form an effective growth strategy across the footwear market and its subsectors (mens footwear, womens footwear, and childrens footwear).
– Understand the opportunities in the market by learning who shops for footwear, how frequently they shop and what drives their store selection in order to drive conversion and spend.
– Understand how spend per head will change over the coming years, and learn which age groups will be most lucrative to target.

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