Types Of Sewing Machine

So, this write up is about the different types of sewing machine in daily use. We are here going to discuss the uses, how it work?

  1. Lockstitch Sewing Machine
  2. Hi-Speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine
  3. Over Edging Machine
  4. Embroidery Machine
  5. Button Holer Machine
  6. Double Needle Machine
  7. Bartacking Machine

Lockstitch Machine

This kind of machine is used in home or sometimes in school for teaching purpose.

It is also called upon by another name “Domestic Sewing Machine “.

This type of machine is run by foot & to ease up the work at your own end. It can also be converted to electrical power machine.

Hi-Speed Lockstitch Machine

This machine is usually to be found in industry works.

Also known name for this machine is “Straight stitching machine” or “Industrial Sewing Machine”.

This machine has an automatic lubrication function but this doesn’t mean you do not lubricate your machine at all. Lubricating your machine will increase the life of your machine and it will also help in working smoothly.

It is used by tailors and dressmakers.

Over Edging Machine

It is often called “small machine” due to its small size.

It finishes of the raw edges for construction of the pattern.

Embroidery Machine

As the name suggest embroidery is done on various piece of clothes such as suits, pillow cases, linen and other novelty items. The main use is for making fancy stitches and to make different types of embroidery designs.

Button Holer Machine

This is just used to make buttonholes on garments.

Double Needle Machine

Double needle is used for the construction of different kinds of clothing like in seam, out seam & side seam.

Bartacking Machine

This machine is used in supporting up the opening and closing of pockets.



Yes, sewing machine plays a vital role in our industry and other machines too. So it is our duty to take care of them as we have mentioned that in our previous posts.

As we have discussed everything we knew about the Sewing Machine, their types, uses. What impact did the sewing machine made?

So, here we are taking a leave from you all. If you have any queries or want to share some knowledge you can leave a comment!

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