Types of Oral Surgeries at Dr. Kandhari’s Dental Clinic

A lot of dental conditions can be cured without any surgery however, in some cases, surgery is the best technique to heal your dental problems and is unavoidable. You don’t need to worry about the pain because the procedures are always carried out after a local anesthesia and therefore cause you minimal discomfort. So, here’s a list of the types of dental surgeries that are performed at Dr. Kandhari’s Dental Clinic.

1. Removal of Third Molars
This is one of the most common dental surgeries because due to the position of Third Molars (also known as Wisdom Tooth) in some cases it becomes impacted against the jawbone or the consecutive molar.

2. Dental Implants
Dental implants, as you may already know, is performed to replace a missing tooth. It is a long lasting treatment and the results are always satisfactory.

3. Jaw Surgery
This surgery is basically for enhancing aesthetic appeal of your face by properly aligning the jaw. Improper alignment can also cause difficulties in natural functioning of teeth.

4. Biopsies
The biopsy is a procedure where gum tissues are removed to be sent to a lab for analysis. Specially when there is lesion, biopsy is performed to check for oral cancer.

5. Reconstructive surgery
This kind of surgery is beneficial for crooked or injured teeth, therefore it is an all encompassing surgery which includes replacement of injured tooth, alignment of jaw and other such issues which need to be treated.

6. Sleep Apnea
However, there are other techniques to relieve you from sleep apnea other than performing surgery but if you those treatments don’t get you any results surgery is done for removing the excess tissues.

Another reason why Dr. Kandhari’s Dental clinic is the best dental clinic in South Delhi is because we operate in a very systematic manner. Before every surgery, we discuss various available options based on your particular dental problem and explain the procedure with you. Surgeries take time to recover and may cause pain for a few days, in which case our dentists will prescribe you some painkillers. It is imperative that you follow the instructions post surgery as it will help you recover fast and prevent any risks.

Dr. Kandhari’s Dental Clinic, which is well known as the best dentist in Delhi has well trained dentists like Dr. Gargi Kandhari and Dr. Priyanka Basu. Both of them have been remarkably contributing their services to the community in the field of dentistry. Therefore, if you are looking for a dental surgeon, please feel free to make an appointment with us without any hesitation.

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