Troubleshooting Problems Opening The Start Menu And Cortana In Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 or planning to move to Windows 10, then you should know all about its benefits and hurdles. After installing Windows 10, you may experience issues in opening the Start Menu and Cortana, which can be a little annoying. My experience with the problems was harsh and bitter, but it got solved with reliable tips and guidance provided by the Microsoft website, which helped me with trouble-free solutions and made Windows 10 operating system flawless. Whenever you come through an irritating issue, you should contact immediately to the experienced technician who can provide you effective resolutions with the best technical guidance.

It is not always necessary that you call or contact Windows 10 tech support technician, if you think or find the problem is not so intense and can be resolve by yourself, then do it yourself, but before performing any steps, make sure that you are aware of the reasons behind the occurrence of the problem. Because every reason has different solutions and if the attempting goes wrong, the problem can get worse. Opening Start Menu and Cortana issue in Windows 10 occurs due to different reasons, so you should be sure for everything.

As I had the bad experience due to opening Start Menu and Cortana issue in Windows 10, I took help from the internet and search for the reliable customer service that could help in genuine request to fix the problem. Luckily the result was good, I got the issue resolved from Windows support center by calling Windows phone number for help by experienced professionals and certified technicians. The technicians are always accessible with instant help to solve the issue.

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