Troubleshooting Edge Unable to Stream Music when minimized

Microsoft Edge is a universal web browser that it runs on smartphones, tablets, PCs and any other device. Microsoft Edge sometimes has a problem with being too much like a phone application, rather than a PC program.

One of the ways Windows Edge manifests itself is by sometimes refusing to play media Windows media player when minimized. And this issue ruins all the joy and the mood to either listen the song or a video or any movie. Many users, including me, have tried to fix the issue but failed to search for the solution.

The worst part was to face the interruption again and again. So an appropriate solution was required. I tried to search for the resolution in some IT magazines. But I wasn’t able to get it. So being a smart internet user, I tried to use the internet access. And I knew that Google will have all the answers to my questions. I entered the question, in a Google search. And I got an enormous number of links to follow.

I was a bit confused that which link will provide me the accurate solution. But I was not having a shortage of time. So I opened the first link and the screen which appeared was Microsoft Windows 10 help screen.

I checked for the reliable solution over there. But it took some time to search it. As I was reading each support article which could be beneficial to me to resolve Windows 10 Edge, not playing media while minimized issue.  Not only that, there I got the official Microsoft website Using the support tool I got the solution to the problem I was facing.

I wanted to know more about another solution if available, using the official website. I didn’t check for any other solution, as I got phone number for Microsoft Windows support.

I enjoyed again and played my desired music using Windows 10 Edge. And hope that this way will be helpful for another user as well.

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