Trending T-shirts for Women in This Summer

“In summers the world is a runway and everyday is a fashion show” but this time hot summers are not empowering you to wear fashionable clothes. The elementary issue is one cannot wear tight clothes and in that case, loose fitted clothes are unsurpassed. Do you really think loose fitted clothes look good, especially for women? Mostly the answer will be a big “NO”. Don’t let glamour take an off even for a single day, time to take a U turn and give some space to T-shirts in your wardrobe.

T shirts always look cool in any season despite of its very casual looks. From parties to casual get-together T-shirts can be worn throughout the year. Blue jeans on the bottom and white T-shirt on top is something very trendy for summers. Also, t shirts can be worn with shorts, skirts, jeans or pants without giving a second thought. From coloured bottom to plain jeans it is a perfect if you wear with T-shirt. From one survey, it was perceived that the market is mostly covered by T-shirts without giving a rethink to fashion choices. Now in India the premier choice is cotton T-shirts glancing the weather condition and some of summer favorite patterns along with their usages is mentioned below:

1. Plain T-shirts: A plain T-shirt is must for a closet and can be of any colour. It looks good when you wear it with some stylish jewellery or a distressed jeans and with a hat makes you contemplate even more sexier. Plaid button down blouse makes adds grace to a plain T-shirt and it is an adequate option for both the slim and fatty women.

2. Stripes T-shirts: A stripes T-shirt looks more classy on thin girls than fatty ones. If you add a bright coloured scarf with your T-shirt then it makes your dress happening in all types of get-together. It is best for high west shorts and jeans when tucked inside.

3. Self Design T-shirts: These T-shirts look best with maxi skirts, ankle length jeans, skinnies and many others. It is impressive to wear these T-shirts even at parties and for all psyche women. It appeal a lot of customers as it is perfect, worthy piece of top wear.

T-shirts are a lifeline for women’s closets as it can be worn any day and for any occasion. It can be treated as sports wear, an office wear, shopping wear or a get-together wear. It completes all dress-ups at one go with a diverse range of colours, especially meant for these hot summer season.

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