Tottenham Do Not Play for Second Consecutive Season

Tottenham Do Not Play for Second Consecutive Season

Tottenham Hotspur were runners-up in the Premier League this season, and their fans did not hesitate to buy the tickets online to support them in the tight battle for the leadership of the table.

The truth is that despite his effort and stepping on the heels of champion Chelsea, his strategy to conquer the cup was not enough this season.

Had he succeeded, this would have been his third cup; the last one to win was in 1960-61. A long time ago.

To dare is to achieve it

The motto is the Spurs, “daring is to achieve,” was the protagonist this season, as the club not only dared to challenge his opponent but made the difference in each game played, making it a favorite to lift the Cup.

Last season Tottenham finished third in the standings table, and with second place this year, it seems that coach Mauricio Pochettino is doing a good job, although not the necessary to become champion.

With 70 points, just one point less than the runner-up, Arsenal, closed last season the Spurs club.

This year, they failed to beat Chelsea, as the Blues took advantage of 7 points with still subtracting three games to play. He closed with 86 points in total.


The mistakes made in the first match of the semifinal against his main rival, Chelsea, were definitive for the score.

The Blues beat them with a score 4-2 after a few stumbles and enigmatic spurs accidents, sponsoring a great outcome of the end of the Premier.

These errors are because the club did not take advantage of the moment to reinforce its equipment with new players, and many attribute it to its president, Daniel Levy, who does not enjoy the affection of the fan base and who seems to be stubborn and obstinate.

They all expected to get a striker, but it was not.

All responsibility was on Harry Kane, the only tip in the squad, who despite his high performance and the many notes he made, could not always achieve the goals.

The striker had no substitute, and if he did not dispute a match, the coach was clearly in trouble, because there was no other to compensate for the absence of Kane in the field.Another party that did not manage to handle and gave the final advantage to Chelsea went to West Ham, a visitor, which lost 1-0.

Although he then had exquisite games, and where he prevailed by marked difference, and Chelsea had the cup before his feet.

These games were: against Leicester in which he won 6-1, against Hull City, beating him 1-7 and against Kitchee in which he won 1-4.

The Spurs had the opportunity to improve their squad for better results but failed to make decisions.

The fans, who are happy to see them in the Champions League, and who despite the mistakes of Tottenham always buy the tickets online to support them, hope that Pochetino knows how to strengthen the squad and improve their artillery to get titles finally.

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