Top Three Responsive HTML5 Development Frameworks for Web

The responsive HTML5 development framework has drawn real attention these days. Most of the web browsers try to catch up with basic functionalities and features. The year 2015 was great for HTML5 as there was an increase in the sites that started using HTML5 video features over Adobe Flash. Businesses residing in online world are also aware of the changes that HTML5 has brought for eCommerce. Switching to HTML5 Video has become a default way of video content presentation for You Tube. Moreover, Facebook switched to HTML5 for serving all videos across platforms in HTML5 format. Google Chrome also focused on delivering more reliable HTML5 advertisement. All such changes led to several updates for research guides on the process of creating advertisements for web. Beginning with HTML5 has been easy for the web developers as they have to do a lot of tutorials and source codes to play on GitHub. Most of the mobile applications and new desktops are now created with HTML5. Furthermore, amazing HTML5 frameworks are available nowadays for creating apps and platforms.

Let’s now check out the top three responsive HTML5 Development frameworks for web :

  Foundation – It is one of the most popular frameworks for reliable modern web development. This stands out with the ability for delivering high performance for modern devices and customized needs. This framework is created with a wide array of web development frameworks for building email templates, website and separate framework for making complex, dynamic and responsive applications. Recently, the framework is upgraded to V6 and customized with amazing functions. A significant reason behind the success of this framework is because the company which manages it ensures continuous research in responsive web design for reflecting better features. The core strategy of this development framework is to build mobile sites that can be converted and customized into apps for servicing large devices like desktop. This process makes sure that the design is created with straightforward functionality.

  Sencha Touch – This is another cross-platform front-end web development framework to help developers build spectacular mobile applications. Hardware acceleration method usage lets Sencha to offer User Interface mechanisms for delivering extended competences on small mobile devices. You will find several inbuilt user interface components and templates for most of the popular mobile platforms of today. Whether it’s Android, Windows, iOS or BlackBerry, Sencha Touch offers all essentials for making high-tech apps without additional effort. Integrated data consumption helps developers to tap into back-end data and use it for fuelling apps with content and dynamic features.

  Onsen UI – This open-source HTML5 based hybrid mobile app development framework offers element based UI components for enlivening mobile applications. Equipped with flat UI and material design, it caters several Cordova as well as PhoneGap developers. Since, Onsen has been created with the help of web components, it becomes easy for the developers to adapt this to existing HTML syntax to develop apps on the fly. Onsen can be easily integrated with any other front-end web development framework.

Opt for responsive HTML5 Development for Web and add to your return on investment.


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