Top Reasons – Why You Should Choose Microsoft SharePoint?

A colossal proportion of big Multinational Companies relies on Microsoft SharePoint software for cost controlling and reduce the risk of IT. As a project management tool, it provides a great ease of access to information and participation from different sections of the organizations.

Microsoft SharePoint includes various features to facilitate a comprehensive project development and management for organizations. It includes Intranet, document management, Enterprise social networking, website management, extranet and many more features.

In addition to these, SharePoint provides a range of superior functionalities of which are discussed below:


  1. Centralization of control and administration

This tool provides a great ease of control through the use of Central Administration Console. With this, the manager can effortlessly access and monitor the development of task assigned, security settings, backups and all kinds of administration from a single location.


  1. Flexible to modifications

Microsoft has allowed the access of various tools and features you need to carry on with your development work. The easily customizable features allow a great ease of the flexibility of this tool. The admin has access to provide the suitable tool required by the team for development activities.


  1. Track the development

It allows the team to monitor the development life cycle of the project by connecting the team members in creative ways. It allows sharing of information among the team members so that the knowledge could flow freely throughout the organization. This feature is also termed as collaboration feature of SharePoint.


  1. Consolidate all sites in one

Managers can smoothly use SharePoint to centralize intranet, extranet, and websites into one location. It reduces the overall cost of managing these entities separately and is a competent approach for managing each site fluently.


  1. Secure

Web sites make the data and SharePoint development more secure. Users with different level of permission are created, and access to data is granted according to the type of users. Therefore, the integrity of data is maintained.


  1. Easy to use even for now- techies

The SharePoint platform is capable of building several small tools and business solution without the need of assistance from a web developer. The manager can easily do some modifications and also create small tools for their business without any assistance from web developers.

On the whole Microsoft SharePoint is a complete business solution which allows the user to save a lot of effort and cost. Its latest upgrades are loaded with several other functionalities like automatic workflow management and deployment facilities.

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