Top 8 Wedding Invite Styles In Vogue

Looking for the perfect wedding invite to reveal the details of your big day? Read on for the latest and best trends:

Simple and monotone:

Simplicity never goes out of fashion.  Using white space and monotone color pairing adds a timeless and minimalistic feel to your wedding invite. You can opt for a monotone wedding invite if you want your invitation to be simple yet classy.

Foil details:

Metallic trends are in vogue! These invites consist of luxurious metallic touches that can be applied at exactly those parts of the card which you want to be in foil.

Envelope liners:

The envelope liner is the inner layer of your invitation card.  This i9s the very first thing guests will see when they excitedly tear open your invite. Liners can be used to add fun design elements, like a sketch of the skyline, or a personal detail, like your wedding date in the most beautiful manner. These liners add to the beauty of a wedding invite.

Calligraphy and minimalist designs:

You can use a variety of designs and fonts, also known as calligraphy to display the details regarding your big day. You can even customize your colors and text so as to create exactly what you desire. Minimalist designs are the best option to make the most out of calligraphy.

Watercolor invites:

You can add a romantic feel to your wedding invites using this style. Wedding invites when fashioned in pastels, or a bold and wild vibe when brushed with bright hues, adds to the elegance of your invite.

Tropical designs:

Wedding invites with green coloring, leave, and other tropical prints are a perfect pick for a garden or destination wedding.

White inked wooden invites:

These unique invitations are made up of real wood. These invitations feel rustically chic and elegantly earthy with the classic combination of wooden background and white ink.

Geometric details:

This style of wedding invites mix the graphics with bright colors to create an enticing design.

Source: Party Vapours

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