Top 6 Secured Web Browsers Present Online

In the current era, people are more connected to the online world. The internet browser is the primary thing we use for surfing. Hence, the browser should be fast and secure to use. Using internet browsers alone is not enough you need to choose the secure browser for the purpose of safety. Have you ever experienced the unwanted pop-ups which are taking you to unknown sites? That mean you are on a wrong browser. So choose your browser wisely and have secure surf.

Here are list of top 6 secured web browsers based on the usage and safety

Google Chrome

Google Chrome was first released in 2008 for windows later extended to provide service to Linux, macOS, iOS and Android. It has built an extendable and efficient browser that deserves the first place in the ranking. Google Chrome is one of the modern web browsers which is used by many people right from their workspace to personal use. Its wide range minor tweaks to the privacy settings and diversity to add-ons which increase the security level.

  • 53% Market share
  • Updates available for every 15 days.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer by Microsoft Corporation is the oldest and default browser for Windows operating system started in 1995. On 2015 Microsoft announced Microsoft Edge would replace the Internet Explorer as default browser for windows users. Version of IE 1 to 10 played a great role by Microsoft, with the release of latest Edge version Internet Explorer stops with the version IE 11 and started to provide service to Microsoft Edge.

  • 17% Market share
  • Updatesavailable for every 30 days or more
  • Security level – add an extension to blacklist for malicious sites.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Foundation released Edge on 2015 to replace the internet explorer browser. It is the new web browser on recent times but with its functionalities and features its been on the top list of a secured browser.

  • 55 % Market share
  • Updatesaround 2 – 3 times a month
  • Private browsing mode is available
  • Security – ad-blocker, extension support.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser initiated by Mozilla Foundation on 2002. It is known for its high performance with its constant updatesuser interfacesimplicity and secured browser. This internet browser accepts installation of themes and extensions which give the user a customizable look. More frequent updates with minor changes in features are always available. Firefox has changed better a lot with in past years. It is best for desktop and Android browser.

  • 68% Market share
  • Frequent updatesis available
  • Private browsing mode is available
  • Security – inbuilt security protocol to check websites for forgery and phishing.

Safari Web Browser

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple Corporation. Its first release is in 2003 for MAC users and in 2007 for iOS devices. It is one of the favorite and fastest browsers among MAC users. It is famous for the top features like tabbed browsing and pop ups blocking

  • 45% Market share
  • Updatesavailable for every 54 days
  • Security- inbuilt protection, the new extension like “DuckDuckGo” and “1password” add-ons available for safety purpose.

Opera Web Browser

Opera web browser is the most popular and fastest mobile browser. the initial release date of Opera is on 1995. It makes a customizable, secure web browser with its features. Opera offers fraud and malware protection and blocks insecure content like plugins and scripts.

  • 22% Market share
  • Updates every 48 days
  • Free built-inVPN for secured browsing
  • Ad Blockersis available.

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