Top 5 Reasons Why Croatia is The Perfect Holiday Country

Croatia is among the best holiday destinations. Here are top 5 reasons why Croatia is the perfect Holiday Country.
1. Adriatic Sea
Croatia is known for its ecological water, making it ideal for sea activities. The view of the clean blue sea is also overwhelmingly beautiful. This country boasts of a long coastline adorned by impressive geographical features. A better view is available from the sea. Popular coastal cities are also found along the country’s coastline.
The safe sea also contributes to Croatia being a perfect holiday destination, especially for sea activities lovers. Visit during the summer to enjoy the warm waters when swimming.

2. Wide Range of Places to Tour
When you find yourself in Croatia, ensure you have a list of places to visit unless you intend to spend the rest of your life touring the country. This is because there are so many wonderful places to enjoy while in Croatia. Over one thousands islands are found in this country. Surprisingly, just 69 islands are inhabited with only 48 being permanently inhabited, an indication that the islands still hold natural aesthetics for you to devour with your eyes.
Besides the many islands, there are fantastic lakes in Croatia, well-known for their peculiar colors. The unique appearance of the lakes ranges from turquoise to mint green to gray or blue.
Check out 8 of UNESCO World Heritage sites to visit in Croatia.

3. Live Croatia
Croatia has an ocean of activities. These include cycling, hiking, caving and beach sports. You can enjoy volleyball, soccer, and tennis on the beach and elsewhere in the country. Paragliding is also done here where you can get a view of Croatia’s magnificent geography from above.
As mentioned earlier, Croatia has unpolluted water which makes tourists want to indulge in a variety of water sports. You can dive and swim among other water sports. One of the activities, which is becoming more and more popular with Croatian tourists is sailing. If you are a lower of this activity get here, rent a boat and get a sailing Croatia experience.

4. Croatian Cuisine
Every Croatian region has its own different culinary tradition, defining Croatia as a country of diverse gastronomy. This is another strong reason why the country is your perfect holiday destination. After all, great trips need to be accompanied by great dishes. It is time to savor the delicacies from this country. For your information, there are mainland and coastal dishes. Hot spices like garlic, black pepper, paprika, cinnamon, clove, bay leaf among others make the Croatian cuisine irresistible. Ensure you eat the delicious fresh seafood offered here. Did you know that Croatian sheep and goat cheese is very tasty?

5. Amazing Culture and History
Croatian culture and heritage is a blend of various influences. You will find cities holding cultural heritages from different people. The split city has the Roman influences. An ancient Roman palace is among the major tourists’ attractions here.
Istria also gets an influence from the Italians. Some other regions had an influence from the Greeks. A visit to this country will certainly satisfy history enthusiasts as it offers a lot of history.
For a historic knowledge that is very interesting, visit some of the 175 museums in Croatia.
Music lovers can enjoy the classical music from the 23 orchestras found in this country.

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