Top 5 reasons why a Graduate need to build a rewarding career in Digital marketing

The future is digital.

As earlier acknowledged, digital media has more and more become part of everyday life. Content may also be consumed from many special devices, mobiles can be used to buy items on the move, and social media provides real-time updates on almost anything. Humans have integrated electronic devices into their day-to-day routine in both their work and individual lives, and the firms who’ve moved to cater for the digital consumer are in many instances probably the most successful companies in recent history. As previously stated, the possibilities within digital can symbolize a double-edged sword, in that they also pose giant challenges for business.

Digital is already a part of trade, and can become more embedded. The Wave associated with Digital advertising industry is so strong at present that it can be definitely the fine time to be a part of this speedy developing industry. Being a part of this industry in view that since last 15 years, I consider these are the prime reasons to build a profitable profession in Digital marketing enterprise in 2015:

20000+ Jobs for Digital advertising and marketing on job portals:

Whilst a massive number of brands and businesses do not promote for jobs concerning Digital advertising and marketing, there are over 2000 jobs for Digital advertising on distinct job portals. Curiously, ‘Social Media marketing’ alone has over 1700 jobs associated with it. I thought of evaluating it with other widespread industries and noticed 642 jobs for ‘big data’. 

A Digital advertising professional earns between Rs 2.3 lakh – Rs 11.8 lakh annually:

Given the growing gap between demand and deliver of Digital advertising experts, Digital Marketer instructions a much higher salary compared to different industries. A graduate without a work expertise can expect a monthly salary of Rs 15,000 and Head of Digital marketing in a large company or agency can earn Rs 2.5 lakh per month. As per Pay scale, Digital marketing professional in India earns between Rs 2.3 lakh – Rs 11.8 lakh annually.

India will go 600 million internet users Mark by the year 2020:

From the Source, The Internet and Mobile Association of India(IAMAI), the reports claims that the number of on-line users will rise to greater than half of one billion by means of 2018, which was once 190 million customers till June 2014. India took over 10 years to move from 10 million to 100 million internet users. It took 3 years to develop from 100 million to 200 million and simply 1 year to rise from 200 million to 300 million.  Facebook alone had over 130 million users in India till December 2015. If this progress is maintained, India will go 600 million customers by using 2016. At 302 million users, India will pass US to end up second greatest country after China in terms of number of web users. 

Online Ads Spend to cross Rs 3500 crore by FY 2015:

From the recent report, Digital Advertising in India, collectively published by IAMAI and IMRB the worth of online advertising market in India is expected to expand to Rs 3575 Crore by Mar 2015 from Rs 2750 Crore an year earlier, around 30 % year over year growth. 

Indian e-commerce industry to cross $128 Billion mark by the year 2017: Study

Digital commerce market in India is expected to reach $128 billion in 2017 from the current figure of $42 billion in 2015 because of increase in      mobile and web penetration, m-commerce sales, payment options, exciting offers, in accordance with the joint study brought out by ASSOCHAM and Deloitte. With an increasing mobile and internet penetration, m-commerce sales, advanced delivery and payment options, exciting offers, and the frenzy into new international markets by means of e-business are the predominant drivers of this remarkable growth. The digital commerce market in India has grown steadily from $4.4 billion in 2010 to $13.6 billion in 2014, according to a study on “Future of e-Commerce: Uncovering Innovation”, collectively performed by The Associated chamber of commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) and Deloitte.

Even as above stated information and statistics tells us regards to the opportunity of building a beneficial career in Digital marketing, what’s more fascinating is the excitement regarding job profiles in Digital Marketing

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