Tips for selecting the best custom pool builder

As a custom pool builder for more than three decades I have seen various organizations come and go. The main reasons were they just didn’t listen to the requirements and demands of their customers.

The main objective we have for all the customers is they are able to understand their dream and have the custom pool they have in mind and not the vision of the salesperson. It is truly vital that the information gathering portion of the pool pre sales stage is complete and realize the final usage, look and type of the project. A clear concise design of all the backyard areas meant for use in the pool area should be looked at and worked into a total strategy of the custom concrete pool builder before any work is commenced. If I can say that something would be more important this surely would be, and if your builder hasn’t asked you many questions, you possibly have the wrong company.

Let us break down to make it a little simpler.

1. Have you identified your usage type?
2. Have you thought about your bather load?
3. Have you chosen the best location?
4. Have you picked your favorite shape?

That is just a minor tip speaking of pre-building questions. A quality pool builder offering 3D pool design will have sufficient questions to make your head spin and a huge red light should flash if you don’t get those. With all the various types of structures available along with construction techniques, you will require a builder that can explain the advantages and disadvantages of each. Sadly, you will possibly get the typical niche builder that has only a single type of pool available and you will get the sales pitch against all the rest. Various types of pool methods work better in the areas they were designed for and believe me, not everybody will give you the durable quality you deserve. Specific types of construction methods used in the desert ambiences don’t hold up well in the Midwest or Northeast due to freeze and thaw problems. Eventually the builder you chose to create the masterpiece in your backyard should address all these problems and may be more, unless they lack the experience required to deliver a custom pool that will be durable. Ask many questions and if you don’t get quick answers, switch to the next pool builder. Make sure this is the best construction project that you have ever done.

Once you have found a licensed registered company, the next step for you is research. The customer should do some work to find out if the company is truly dependable. Regardless this involves online research, talking to friends, or even past clients. It is prudent to think about the investment cost in the long run while getting a project like pool building done.

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