This Technology Day learn how LASER technology is touching and transforming our lives

Despite market uncertainty, there are many industries that are willingly embracing new technologies in order to set their benchmark. The years between 2001 to 2008 are quite painful to many industries and manufacturing companies just couldn’t forget their disappointing market conditions. Previously, the global economic expansion enticed industrial manufacturers to invest in new equipment and technologies designed to improve factory performance for themselves and their customers.

When the markets unexpectedly crashed, they paid a steep price for having bought at the top of the cycle. This payoff took years to realize. Nowadays, there are many industries that are taking tentative steps through technological advancement which is boosting their economic growth. Industrial manufacturers must need to embrace technological advancements in order to improve their productivity, for overtaking rivals and for maintaining an edge with their customers.

The latest technology allows the industries to build a data-driven system for the future where all the internal and external activities that are connected through the same information platform. Right from the operators to the machine designers and management, the entire professionals will remain on the same page and share everything from initial concepts to installation to the life cycle of the machinery.

Modern Laser Technology Trends That Changed the Manufacturing process

Today’s laser technology has completely changed the way manufacturing units are processing their operations. The advanced laser technology has imparted wide contribution for the overall performance, growth, and stability of numerous industrial units. With the advancement of Internet and 3D graphics, the process has become utmost simple and easy for the operators. The operators now can access materials on demand, can collaborate with the robots and can use them safely. Besides, the Assembly lines will output highly personalized products that render zero defects. These trends are offering the greatest impact on factory environment.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

For the past few years, laser technology is taking the benefits of a web to link machines, sensors, computers, and humans in order to enable a new level of information for monitoring, collecting, analyzing and processing. By using Internet of Things, laser machines offer more precise cut and even helps to determine the amount of voltage used to produce a produce. Besides, the Internet Of Things even helped to determine pressure, temperature, and humidity that might provide an impact on laser machine’s performance. With the Internet of Things, the overall effectiveness of the laser machine has been increased by 24% and labor utilization is decreased to only 10%.

Augmented Reality

Recent advancements in computer vision, consumer science, IT and engineering have enabled numerous manufacturers to produce real-time information and perfection at the point of use. The operator of a laser machine has simply to follow the graphics, audio, text and other virtual enhancements for performing complex tasks. With the help of augmented reality, the operators can easily control the accuracy and timing without even bothering quality risks. This trend could be added to the equipment itself by creating a new revenue stream for industrial manufacturing firms.

3D Technology

3D technology is also known as additive manufacturing which produces solid objects from digital designs by building up multiple layers of plastic, wood, metal and many other types of materials. In order to determine the precise shape, 3D technology has contributed a lot more than expected in the performance of laser machines. There are many industries which are the early adopters of 3D technology to manufacture small parts like product prototypes and many others. With the help of 3D technology, the companies can save 60% of their operational costs by avoiding retooling and shrank production. The 3D technology can impact its effectiveness to product development, prototyping and to reduce marketing time.

Contribution of Sahajanand Laser Technology Limited

Sahajanand Laser Technology has imparted a great contribute to delivering innovative and advanced solutions to the varied range of industries. No matter it is an automotive industry or an engineering institute, Sahajanand Laser Technology has offered utmost ease for thousands of industries to set their benchmark by using latest laser technology.

Sahajanand Laser Technology Limited has contributed a wide role for providing latest laser technology to different industries. Right from an ordinary manufacturing unit to educational institutes, SLTL has served innovations to cater their needs. SLTL has not only served the needs of manufacturing units, but even satisfied the clients of their clients. The best thing for which Sahajanand Laser Technology has recognized is its after-sales services. The prompt and friendly after sales services from the company complimented the advanced laser machines.

The manufacturing process of thousands of industries across the globe has been completely revolutionized by the use of laser technology offered by Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd. The laser changed all our lives in the first 50 years following the first successful demonstration of the technology. SLTL pays tribute to the many scientists and engineers who have made it happen.

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