This is why Container Booking Script is Preferred First by People to Move Their Logistics Safely

An electronic platform for booking containers in any region of the world, Courier Tracking Software Script is developed specifically to minimize the road traffic and prevent container build-ups especially with the approach to the holiday season. The new system will ensure a more organized flow of containerized cargoes in all over regions while providing real-time information on container status. Booking an appointment can be done within minutes through three simple steps. After logging in, port users need to upload their container details in the system. The next step is to search for available booking slots within the given time zones, with users having 15 minutes to select their desired zones for each container. Once all the details have been reviewed and finalized, users can then proceed to confirm their appointment. Booked slots further facilitate services levels and all but eliminate truck queues because the container terminal controls the flow of trucks to and from the terminal. This eliminates the current peaks created by road congestion, truck bans, and other external factors while giving importers and exporters a transparent view of when their trucks are meant to process transactions. Courier Tracking Software Script is the leading online journal for the latest developments in port investment and operations. Featuring editorial content targeted to industry leaders and experts the journal includes daily news, features and insight related to port financing around the globe. Readers can sign up for its weekly email newsletter free of charge and receive one of the industry’s key publications for news, features, interviews and insights. Besides Courier Tracking software script also provides a platform and a community to its users to discuss thoughts with worldwide users and give their feedback. Courier Tracking Software Script was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Eagle Technosys development team.
Improve interaction amongst major stakeholders handling inland empty containers (MTs) to:
• Create efficiency.
• Allow paperless and cashless transactions between Courier Software and customers.
• Provide visibility and real-time empty container information to all its valuable customers.
• Improve overall productivity across the supply chain.

Benefits to All Customers
• Time reduction in physical transactions of containers.
• Simpler workflow and processes.
• Access to accurate & real-time information.
• Reduce/eliminate human error.
• Reduction of staff handling.
• Improved customers’ service.

Business Benefits
• Reduce variable costs (e.g. fuel, labour, container detention);
• Optimise Capital Expenditure (e.g. container inventory, number of trucks, yard space and equipment);
• Reduce points of business failure (e.g. double handling, lost time, safety, inactive vehicles and people)


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