Things You Should Know About Carpets And Water Damage

Most cleaning services Calgary has to offer would tell us that carpets, just like mattresses and upholstery, need a minimal amount of water when cleaning, and each drop must be extracted thoroughly to avoid damage. Although these carpets may suck up water just like how sponges do, carpets can only hold so much. That’s why things are trickier and more tedious when these fabric floors get submerged in flood.

Types of Water Damage

Knowing the source of water damage is imperative to who cleans and restores your carpet, if possible. When discussing the term flood, we do not limit ourselves to acts of nature, but also talk about clean, gray, or black water.

#1 Clean and Sanitary

If the water source is either rain or your pipes at home, the chances are that this does not impose any significant risks to human health and is therefore considered sanitary. For carpet floors damaged by clean water, there is still a possibility that you can do a DIY restoration if you’re willing to spend the effort.

#2 Grey

Should the leak or flood come from your appliances at home, such as dishwashers, washing machines, the water may contain harmful substances and chemicals. If your carpet and other fittings get submerged in gray water, you may still be able to salvage it by calling a Calgary carpet cleaning service. While you can still do the drying process on your own, there are products and equipment necessary to remove all the contaminants from your stuff. We hope you wouldn’t compromise your family’s health just by not hiring a carpet cleaner.

#3 Black

If there’s one type of water intrusion you wouldn’t wish to have at home ever, it would be black water. The overflow from sewages and other natural water resources carry contaminants that cause diseases of all kinds. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service for this water damage may be almost impossible, especially when it’s highly recommended to dispose of black water damaged carpets for sanitary and health purposes.


How To DIY Carpet Cleaning And Restoration For Clean Water Damages

  1. Stop the water source. Hire a plumber to make sure the flood and leaks get resolved ASAP. Drying your area is just as important as extracting water from your carpet.
  2. Sanitation. We understand how your carpets can be a significant investment on your part, but so are your other furniture and subfloors. Transfer these pieces of furniture in a dry space to avoid excessive damage. Although we may classify this water source as sanitary, an important precautionary measure is to clean the affected area with bleach and water.
  3. Drying. Set up fans to aid the drying process. Depending on the severity of the damage, it may take 12-48 to complete. Hence, it would be best to minimize the foot traffic in the affected area to allow faster recovery.

Then again, when you can’t seem to do this process all by yourself, you know you have your favorite Calgary cleaning services ready to help.

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